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The Best Smart Speakers For Home

Third Generation Echo

Top Pick
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Fighting about movie trivia is a contact sport here at CinemaBlend. Chairs have been thrown, friendships ruined, and lives changed by a disagreement over which actor had stared in the most super hero films. That is why we are so in love with this new smart speaker from Amazon. Being able to simply ask "Alexa, who was the first actor to play Superman?" is not only convenient, it stops you having to harbor secret misgivings about you co-worker. Pair this with the room filling 360 degree sound that works even if you're lucky enough to have fancy vaulted ceilings. Alexa can also alert you if something happens in the home while you're away; perhaps your co-worker breaking in to your house to exact revenge for your crushing victory over him in trivia. Finally, the best part about the Echo is just how simple it is to set up and use, it really is a no-brainer!

Key Features

  • 360 degree Dolby powered sound
  • Fantastic voice control
  • Can control your smart home

Generation 2 Sonos One

Great Sound
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The sound on this speaker is fantastic, great for listening to your favorite soundtrack or podcast cough ReelBlend cough. If the soothing sound of CinemaBlend voices isn't for you, then we recommend testing this speaker out with something that can truly show it's power, like the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. To go with the sound, we absolutely loved the look and feel of this speaker, the smooth black lines make it look futuristic. Combined with the ability to create stunning stereo sound when paired with second speakers, you can place these throughout your house and blast your favorite content as you rush to do all the chores you've been neglecting because the latest season of Stranger Things just dropped. The setup is easy and it comes with buttons in case you don't trust Alexa.

Key Features

  • Incredible sound
  • Speaker pairing allows you to fill the room
  • Stunning lines make this speaker look fantastic

Deco Home Wireless Speaker Smart Table

Best For Originality
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Get yourself a table that can do more than just hold stuff. Not only does this speaker serve as AN ACTUAL TABLE, but it comes with a portable 4.2 Bluetooth speaker system that is loud and crisp enough to crank your favorite tunes or podcasts. We still can't believe this includes four speakers, tweeters, and a subwoofer. Many of these crossovers sacrifice quality, but that's not the case here. On top of that, the table includes wireless charging! Meaning you can simply place your wireless enabled charging phone on top and let it charge, perfect for those of us who often forget to charge, even when we know Oscars night is coming up, not mentioning any names. Thanks to HGTV, this mid century modern look is all the rage these days and will have your friends extremely jealous, and make Joanna Gaines very proud.

Key Features

  • Wireless charging
  • Four speakers for full room sound
  • Built in subwoofer

Bose Home Speaker 500

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We didn't know it was possible to get stereo sound from one speaker, but Bose have found a way, once again proving their engineers are smarter than we are (to the shock of no one). The sound coming out this speaker is truly incredible, and it does justice to just about any soundtrack or tune you can play out of it. You'll love it, the neighbors will hate it. On top of this, the Alexa controls give you access to literally thousands of features. Want to play movie trivia in a room filled with 50 people and need a speaker loud enough? This is the one. With a sleek aluminum body, the speaker almost looks as good as it sounds. One unheralded aspect we really loved was the custom designed 8-microphone array, designed to pick up your voice even when the music is blasting or people are screaming at each other. "Alexa is listening even when no one else is", the tag line basically write itself.

Key Features

  • Unbeatable stereo sound
  • Voice and app control
  • Sleek aluminum design