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The Best AirPod Alternatives

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

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Tozo's T6 model is everything we look for in wireless earbuds. Sound quality? Check. Comfort? Check. Charging ability? Check.

So, where to begin with the T6? How about the sound quality? They use a 6mm driver, which gives them a clear, quality sound without an overwhelming bass. It is among the best out there for an in-ear device. The clarity is superb, whether listening to music, a podcast, or for a wireless phone conversation.

The T6 makes use of Bluetooth 5 technology, which allows for a simple pairing process and helps with battery life. Speaking of which, you can get up to 6 hours on a charge, depending on what type of volume levels you prefer. And speaking of volume, the T6 uses a simple one-touch system to increase or decrease volume. Just tap the right bud for volume up and tap the left to turn it down

The T6 is also waterproof, which keeps things working just fine if you're binging and sweating while working out. Or, in extreme cases, you can take them underwater to a depth of 1 meter.

However you choose to use them, the T6 has all the right functions to make it a crystal clear experience.

Key Features

  • Touch-controlled
  • IPX 8 waterproof rating
  • Charging case supports wireless charging

VEATOOL Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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Rigorous activity requires earbuds that have staying power, and these over-ear buds are here to stay. (Or should we say hear to stay?) Fashioned with accommodating silicone hooks, these comfy earbuds will become a steadfast and constant companion on morning runs, as well as relaxing with your tablet and favorite Netflix show. Aside from good grip and a barely-there feel, these buds are made to perform seamlessly, delivering quality sound via Bluetooth. Bluetooth pairing is simple and automatic, too, which makes tuning in hassle-free out of the case.

The earbuds offer one hour of playtime for audiobooks or your favorite jams on a 15-minute charge or 40 hours with the handy charging case. Battery life is easily monitored on the convenient charging case display. Speaking of convenience, the earbuds can be used independently or together, just in case you need to keep your ear on your surroundings.

And getting caught in the rain or breaking a sweat isn't a problem for this formidable pair either. They are IPX5 waterproof, which means a little moisture won't hurt.

Key Features

  • IPX 5 waterproof
  • One-touch control
  • Hi-Fi stereo sound
  • 600mAh charging case
  • Supports voice assistants
  • Signal range up to 35 feet

Boltune Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

Comfortable Choice
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It can be difficult to differentiate between the hundreds of earbuds on the market, but once in a while, one feature stands out above the competition.

Such is the case with this Boltune set, and the difference is the comfort level. Boltune's ear tips are made with a super-soft liquid silicone, giving them a comfort level that makes you feel like you have nothing in your ears. The tips and jackets come in a variety of sizes, so finding the right one for your ear size is not an issue.

Of course, comfort is no big deal if the sound quality isn't good, but there are no worries here. The Boltune uses 6mm drivers to produce stereo sound, and the quality is great. We love that you can listen to A Star Is Born soundtrack, and you feel like you're in the movie theater. That's due in part to the Bluetooth 5.0 system, which keeps the signal clear from as far away as 50 feet from the playing device.

And when it comes to holding a charge, the Boltune is hard to beat. You can get up to 6 hours on a single charge, but when using the charging case that can extend up to a phenomenal 40 hours. Play some Taylor Swift for two days straight without having to worry about the charge running out.

Key Features

  • 50-foot range from device
  • Fully charge in 90 minutes
  • IPX 7 waterproof rating

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Wireless Earbuds

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If you take your sound quality seriously, Anker has the product just for you. Anker does all the little things to make the big thing -- what it sounds like -- the priority.

Let's start with the soundcore app, which lets you choose from 22 EQ settings to create your own personalized sound profile. You can also use it to adjust on-ear controls and to get firmware updates. And since everyone hears sounds a little differently, the sound profile will guarantee you'll get your music and conversations in the tone best suited for you.

So, let's talk about the technology, a true diamond in the rough. Diamond-enhanced technology is used to create a driver dome that reduces vibration and enhances sound quality.

Charging is also a breeze with the Liberty 2. A 10-minute charge will get you 2 hours of playtime. When fully charged, you can have 7 hours of uninterrupted play, and 28 hours of total playtime with the charging case.

Key Features

  • Choose from 22 EQ settings
  • Comes with five sizes of ear tips
  • Four built-ini microphones

Tribit Wireless Earbuds

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We're charged up about this Tribit product, thanks in part to the enormous charging capacity of these earbuds (not to mention the terrific sound quality and comfort).

The Tribit will give you up to 10 hours of play on a single charge and 35 hours total with its compact charging case. That gives you plenty of power to binge an entire season of Love Is Blind or whatever show or music you find yourself unable to put down. I mean, can you really stop before finding out if Barnett and Amber make it to the altar?

But I digress.

Let's talk about the sound quality, which, in a word, is excellent. The Tribit uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a clear signal, and the noise-canceling technology means your focus will be on the music, the dialogue, or the conversation taking place in your ears, not on the world going on around you.

These earbuds are also waterproof, which means there're no worries about going for a run in the rain—at least when it comes to your music. Now if that's a healthy decision, that's another discussion.

Key Features

  • Features Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Smart-Touch control
  • Four microphones

Here are some things to know when shopping for AirPods or their alternatives

AirPods vs. Earpods vs. Earbuds

AirPods is the specific brand made by Apple for their wireless earphones. Earpods are alternatives to the Apple brand, also wireless, cushioned, and made to fit directly into the ear canal. Earbuds are usually wired to your phone or tablet, and fit outside the ear canal.

IPX rating

IPX ratings describe the level of protection of a device against water. The scale goes from 0 (no protection) to 8 (fully submersible in water up to 9 feet in depth).


The standard for the short-range wireless connection of electronic devices.


A Driver is a group of files that enable one or more hardware devices to communicate with a computer or other device's operating system. Without them, the device cannot send or receive data correctly.