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The Best Digital To Analog Converter

PROZOR Digital to Analog Audio Converter

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The Prozor DAC001 is a true workhorse when it comes to digital to audio converters. It delivers quality sound with a simple setup and does more than many of the competitors on the market.

This model is compatible with a variety of systems, including Apple TV, Playstation, Xbox, and Blu-Ray players, among others. What sets it apart is a set of RCA ports that allow you to connect older devices as well. This can be a total game-changer if you're worried about your older multimedia equipment becoming obsolete.

Time to get a little technical now. The Prozor supports a sampling rate at 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz, and 192KHz. The unit supports Uncompressed 2 channel LPCM or PCM digital audio signal output.

However, if you're not into the technical side, what you really need to know is the simple setup and ease of operation and sound quality that eliminates any hums or buzzes that often can be heard with lower quality converters.

Key Features

  • Converts coaxial or toslink digital PCM audio signals to analog
  • Powered by 5.5mm USB power cable
  • Can only be used with 5V 1A plug

Mediasonic ATSC Digital Converter Box

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There are dozens of converter boxes on the market with similar features, so we get excited when we find a shining star like the Mediasonic that delivers as well as any competitor.

It's important to note that this converter box is designed to receive over-the-air broadcast signals. It does not work with major cable companies because it will not receive encrypted cable signals. That said, we love what it is capable of doing.

The setup is easy. Simply connect it to your TV or monitor by either HDMI or composite or coaxial port. Set the television to the proper input, then follow the on-screen instructions. Almost instantly, you'll be receiving dozens of channels. If you're looking to store your shows, this can be easily attached to an external hard drive.

It also has all the functions you would expect through your cable box: a simple-to-use on-screen guide, parental controls, favorite channels, closed captioning, and Emergency Alert System to alert you to any local emergency.

Key Features

  • HDMI 1080p Output
  • Electronic Program Guide and program information.
  • Works only for ATSC signal

Audioengine Premium Desktop Converter

An Oldie But Goodie
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With technology changing so rapidly, it's nice when a product comes along that works so well it stands the test of time.

Such is the case with the Audioengine D1, which first hit the market almost a decade ago but is still humming along. The D1 is a premium 24-bit converter and headphone amplifier for your TV or computer. It allows you to bypass your laptop's sound card or headphone output and send audio through USB or optical. It will process digital audio at any bit depth up to 24 bits and any sample rate to 192kHz.

The Audioengine is simple to use. Simply plug it into any Mac or PC, with no drivers to install. It also works with Apple TV or similar products with optical outlets. And a high-performance headphone amp is included, allowing you to experience high-quality sound.

Audioengine has been making speakers in the United States for 15 years, so it knows all about making things sound good.

We can't live without great audio. This is a product that has stood the test of time because it works, and it works really well. If you're ready to experience some rich stereo sound, this is the product for you.

Key Features

  • 24-bit signal to noise ratio
  • Works with any Mac or Windows-based PC
  • Compatible with any audio system

eSynic Digital to Analog Converter

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Sometimes simple is best when it comes to technology. To some users, the inner working doesn't matter as long as what you hear is quality sound. But what's inside the box matters to us, and it's a quality product.

That's the story behind the eSynic DAC converter, which converts Coaxial, toslink, or optical to RCA analog audio interface and connects to an external device. What comes out is high-quality sound, delivering pristine highs and strong lows. And it all can be controlled with a volume adjustment knob on the box.

We loved the fact it had wide compatibility and there was no need to install drivers. It's easy to install and operate with a DVD player, Blu-ray, Playstation, and more.

On the technical side, it supports a sampling rate at 32, 44.1, 48, 96, and 192kHz, And the aluminum alloy shell and interface design drastically reduce interference, leaving you with a crystal clear sound. And isn't that all that really matters?


Key Features

  • Sampling Rate: 32~192 KHz
  • Bit Rate: 16~24 Bit
  • Aluminum alloy shell

A few terms to know when shopping for a digital to analog converter


The abbreviation for kilohertz, which is a measurement of frequency, also known as cycles per second. When it comes to high-resolution audio, 192 KHz is considered the gold standard.


Coaxial output sends audio data interpreted by a matching input which translates that data into sound.


Known as an optical audio cable, it is a fiber system to carry to components.


Pulse Code Modulation and Linear Pulse Code Modulation are the primary ways analog audio signals are converted into digital form.