Entergalactic: 4 Reasons Why Kid Cudi's Netflix Special Should Receive A TV Show Spinoff

Jabari in Entergalactic
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Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi is widely known for his musical artistry but, this year, he dipped his toe into the world of animation with the Netflix special Entergalactic. The 90-minute, small-screen production (which was initially conceived as a TV show) received positive reviews when it premiered in September, with many praising its animation, cast, soundtrack and more. There don’t currently seem to be any future plans for this universe, but I think the streaming company should consider doing something with it, if it isn’t alreay. Because to me, there are several reasons why a continuation series should be produced. 

The special centers on Jabari, a street artist who’s recently landed a job with a major comic book company. Around the same time, he meets his new neighbor, Meadow, and falls head over heels for her. From there, Jabari must determine whether he’s truly ready to embrace love and balance it with his professional life. While it’s a relatively self-contained story, it’s clear that there’s more that can be done. When I spoke with EP Kenya Barris about the possibility of future seasons, he even seemed open to new installments. Of course, the ball is in Netflix’s court, and we’re about to discuss why it needs to produce a TV show set in this fictional world: 

Ky, Jimmy and Jabari on Entergalactic

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The Characters Of Entergalactic Are Just Too Likable To No Revisit

From a visual standpoint, the special is a sight to behold, and the music is impeccable. Yet the true power lies in Entergalctic’s cast of characters. Kid Cudi’s Jabari is a layered protagonist and easy to root for. While the young artist is quite humorous, he’s also cerebral, and it’s interesting to see the physical manifestation of his train of thought. All of these things also apply to Meadow, who is deftly voiced by comedian Jessica Williams. There’s a level of sincerity to her that’s just so endearing and, as is the case with her boyfriend, you just want to see her succeed. You can’t tell me that these two characters wouldn’t make strong leads for a TV series.

And let’s not forget the solid supporting players. Timothée Chalamet’s Jimmy and Ty Dolla $ign’s Ky are entertaining and perfectly fit the “best friend” archetypes. But given more time, they could be fleshed out even more. The same can be said about Meadow’s friend, Karina (Vanessa Hudgens), who shines in the scenes that she gets. It’d also be great to see the likes of Jordan (Jaden Smith), Carmen (Laura Harrier) and Downtown Pat (Macaulay Culkin) receive further development. This fictional world has introduced an eclectic group of individuals, who are voiced by a talented roster of stars. It’d be a shame for Netflix to let them go to waste.

Meadow and Jabari in Entergalactic

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An Entergalactic TV Show Presents A Plethora Of Storytelling Possibilities

Entergalactic features a premise that could easily be expanded upon through a dramedy series. At its core, it’s essentially about how a group of young people in different stages of their lives balance work, romance and other extracurricular activities. The special, which is split up into chapters, already felt like it was made up of multiple episodes (which is likely a residual effect of the producers’ original plans).  Keeping that in mind, there are plenty of plenty of story ideas that can be mined for an ongoing series.

Obviously, now that Jabari and Meadow are together, there’d be room to focus on their ups and downs as a committed couple. And of course, it’d be great to see how their careers in comic book artistry and photography continue to develop. There’s also much to explore in regard to the other characters. One can only imagine the number of wild storylines that could result from Jimmy’s continued work in the world of recreational drugs. It’d also be interesting to see how Carmen adjusts to motherhood. In addition, I’d like to know whether or not Ky can find a steady romance. And why not tell a standalone tale or two set in the world of the fictional Mr. Rager? All in all, there’s just so much that the writers could play with in a show.

Jabari in Entergalactic

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A TV Spinoff Would Allow Netflix To Forge An Ongoing Partnership With Yet Another Major Star

Netflix has a number of major performers under its entertainment umbrella, from actors like Millie Bobby Brown and Kevin Hart to producers/producers such as Shonda Rhimes and Zack Snyder. It’s been clear that over the past several years, the mega company has been trying to draw in some of the Hollywood sphere’s biggest talents. So why not expand its ranks by tapping one of the most recognizable talents in music today for a long-term deal? Scott Mescudi has a strong following, thanks to his music, but, after the success of Entergalactic, surely there’d be an audience for a continuation series. 

It’s also worth noting that Kid Cudi’s presence in the film and TV industries is growing as well. In addition to working on the special alongside Kenya Barris, he also served as an EP on the horror hit X and its prequel, Pearl. Cudi also starred in the former and just last year was a member of the Don’t Look Up cast. The 38-year-old entertainer is clearly trying to expand his footprint in the acting and producing spaces, and Netflix has an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of that.

Mr. Rager and Jabari in Entergalactic

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An Entergalactic Show Could Give Netflix Another Prime Piece Of Animated Content Aimed At Adults

Netflix has a lot of animated shows for adults, from the humorously raunchy Big Mouth to the epic and heart-wrenching Arcane. While the streamer always seems to be adding new titles, a few big ones – like BoJack Horseman and F is for Family – have since finished their runs. Given the company’s commitment to grown-up-centric cartoons, one would think that Entergalactic would fit perfectly into that creative bucket and help fill a gap.

Kid Cudi’s IP is different from a number of the other adult animated shows that are currently on the platform. Compared to the likes of Disenchanted and Love, Death & Robots, it’s a bit more grounded – aside from those occasionally trippy sequences. Quite frankly, it’d be nice to see something that feels a bit more tangible narrative-wise and features a cast predominantly made up of people of color, at that. 

Of course, only time will tell whether such a production comes to fruition, but one can still hold out hope that Entergalactic’s streaming home will reassess its potential. If you’ve yet to check out the special, grab a Netflix subscription and stream away.

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