Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Reboot Actor Involved In Fatal Car Crash After Man Laid Down On Freeway

michael fayne in V-wars
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When The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air returns to audiences as a streaming reboot set for Peacock's platform, it will be revised as more of a drama than a sitcom. But it probably won't get more dramatic than what star Adrian Holmes experienced this week, as he was involved in a car accident that invovled the death of a man who was lying in the middle of a Los Angeles freeway.

A little after 7:30 p.m. on October 18, Adrian Holmes was reportedly driving down the 110 freeway somewhere north of Sunset Blvd. when he apparently struck the aforementioned male victim, who was lying in the same lane Holmes was driving in. According to TMZ, law enforcement claimed the actor wasn't able to successfully avoid the man, which was also the case for other drivers. 

The as-yet-unidentified man was struck first by Holmes car, and then again by the vehicle behind Holmes. After the second collision, the body went into adjacent lanes of the highly trafficked roadway, where it was struck by a third vehicle. It was determined that the man's injuries were indeed fatal. 

At this point, the biggest questions revolve around why the man was lying out in the middle of the busy freeway in the first place. While the law enforcement sources claim that Adrian Holmes and other drivers were not believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it's not clear yet if the victim himself was intoxicated in any way.

It's unclear if any further actions will be taken regarding Adrian Holmes' involvement in the accident, or what the next step will be in the investigation. It doesn't appear as if the unfortunately fatal accident will factor into the actor's role in the Fresh Prince reboot, although things could obviously change as more information comes to light.

Within the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot, Adrian Holmes will be taking on the role of Philip Banks, the wealthy uncle of Jabari Banks' Will. As fans will remember, Will Smith's TV uncle in the original series was portrayed by the late, great James Avery, so Holmes definitely has some big and noteworthy shoes to fill with his own performance, assuming all goes well in the accident's aftermath.

Beyond his upcoming work in Peacock's The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which boasts Will Smith as the executive producer who spearheaded the reboot, Adrian Holmes has appeared in a slew of movies and TV shows over the past 25+ years. Fans may remember him as Smallville's Basqat, Agent Warren in Continuum, or Frank Pike in Arrow. His most notable recent TV work includes the Canadian comedy Hospital Show and the short-lived Netflix horror-thriller V-Wars, as well as episodes of other streaming series such as The Boys and Home Before Dark.

We at CinemaBlend hope for the best regarding the unidentified victim, as well as others who were involved in the unfortunate accident.

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