Joey Lawrence And His Wife Praise Anne Heche’s Performance And Personality In One Of Her Final Roles

Anne Heche talking over drinks in Frankie Meets Jack.
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The untimely death of Anne Heche still has her fans and co-stars in mourning. It’s bittersweet that the Volcano and Six Days, Seven Nights star has projects releasing in the wake of her passing, and the memories of those roles has kept her spirit alive with plenty of beautiful stories to tell. The latest tale of Heche’s spirited persona comes from Joey Lawrence and wife/co-star Samantha Cope, as the couple had the experience of witnessing one of her final roles in their rom-com Frankie Meets Jack

Through tales of ad-libbing and her gracious nature, the married co-stars painted a picture for People that commemorated Heche as the superstar her friends and colleagues knew her to be. Sharing her memory of that energy, Cope provided this beautiful detail as part of the whole package:

Every person she made eye contact with, she made their day better. She had so much energy and so much love and light.

Recently released as a Tubi Original, this new movie focuses on Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope’s titular couple, who meet-cute over their love of dogs. Adding to the cast of colorful characters is Anne Heche’s role of Katrina, the mother of a friend to Frankie (Samantha Cope). Apparently Heche was so impressive with her quick wit that, according to Lawrence, it was difficult to edit her scenes without losing the good stuff.

After the tragic car crash that led to Anne Heche’s death, all sorts of stories came pouring out. Men in Trees co-star Emily Bergl got real about rumors that Heche was “crazy,” dispelling those claims with stories similar to what Samantha Cope has shared from her Frankie Meets Jack experience. 

Another story about a conflict with Harrison Ford, but ended in forgiveness, over matters dealing with her sexuality came from Anne Heche herself, through her posthumously released memoir Call Me Anne. Whether it’s through her own words or the accounts of others, the Wag The Dog star’s legacy is one that’s ultimately remembered fondly. 

Adding in his own thoughts on Anne Heche’s goodwill, Joey Lawrence recalled another facet of working with the talented actor. Commenting on the overall presence that she gave the production, Lawrence celebrated the professional excitement that radiated from Ms. Heche as follows: 

She was really there for just, genuinely, all the right reasons. And she invested herself and really dedicated herself to it. And that's all you can ask for when somebody comes in and does you a favor like that. It was really awesome.

Stories of the late Anne Heche are not in short supply, with the overwhelming love and positivity she brought to anything she worked on defining her legacy. As her own son Atlas Tupper wrote in his tribute to her, the Frankie Meets Jack co-star’s ability to solve problems and reassure people is something that won’t be forgotten any time soon. The more that people like Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope tell stories like these, the better reinforced the overall picture will become.

Anne Heche can be seen in Frankie Meets Jack, which is currently streaming on Tubi. Fans can also read her latest memoir, Call Me Anne, as it’s available at booksellers all over. If you’re curious as to what other movies are heading into the frame throughout the year to come, the 2023 new movie releases schedule has you covered.

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