The Curious Case Of The Missing Agent Carter Episodes On Disney+

Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter on ABC
(Image credit: ABC/Marvel)

If you’ve been binge watching a number of series on Disney+ recently, anything from Agent Carter to Ducktales to Lizzy McGuire, then your viewing enjoyment may have just come to a crashing halt. This is because several episodes of a number of series on Disney+ just disappeared from the streaming service. The good news is they should be back soon.

Through customer complaints on Twitter Disney+ confirmed that some sort of technical problem yesterday caused some amount of content to vanish from the service. While Deadline reports that the fix is taking longer than originally anticipated, it was thought everything would be back in working order in a few hours, it sounds like like this still won't be too prolonged.

The fix is ongoing and as of this writing, all episodes of both seasons of Marvel’s Agent Carter are back on Disney+. However, many of the other shows that are missing episodes are still incomplete, so we’ll likely continue to see content return intermittently until everything is back. 

It seems that most everything affected was among library content, and thus probably didn’t impact a massive number of people’s actual viewing (It’s not like we lost the new episode of Moon Knight). At the same time, the library of content is one of the biggest draws for Disney+. If you want to rewatch the entire run of Ducktales, both the original and the reboot, you can do that. A Star Wars or Marvel movie marathon is always available to you whenever you want to watch it. There may not have been many people rewatching Agent Carter right now but if nobody was doing it people would never have noticed the episodes were missing in the first place. 

Although, the problem still shows how much we’re all beholden to the technology and the streaming services themselves for providing content. While this technical problem is apparently a minor one, if a major one came along in the future it could keep you from your favorite shows and movies for an extended period.

All the movies and shows on streaming services can, and do, disappear for any number of reasons. While the convenience of a Disney+ subscription cannot be understated, we still don’t own anything we’re watching. And while Disney+ doesn’t lose content the way Netflix does, there are times that certain movies are removed from Disney+, and the service doesn’t announce those removals ahead of time so there’s no preparing for them.

Certainly there is good news here that these lost episodes are not lost for long. Something went weird with the tech, which is going to happen, and the issue can be fixed quickly, and is already on the way to being done. 

Dirk Libbey
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