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The Best Disney+ Original Shows To Watch (So Far)

Din Djarin in _The Mandalorian._

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+.

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From the moment Disney+ launched back in 2019, it created a world of entertainment for fans of Disney content, Marvel, Star Wars and everything under the sun for viewers to enjoy. From the star-studded hit that is The Mandalorian, to recent successes like WandaVision, there are so many amazing Disney+ TV shows.

While there are still plenty more to come out, including The Book of Boba Fett, and several other upcoming Marvel TV shows, there are some awesome series that are on the platform right now that you can binge if you’re ever feeling inclined. Here are the best Disney+ shows so far that you can stream right now.

Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian on Disney+.

The Mandalorian

In this show, five years after the fall of the Empire, a lone Mandalorian bounty hunter ends up picking up a bounty that is a green, big-eared, child-like creature. From this moment, he takes it under his care to somehow return it to where it came from, and this inspires a whole whirlwind of adventures.

I mean, do I even need to try and convince you to watch this show? It’s one of the most popular on the platform, has a great storyline, and you get to see baby Yoda. What’s not to love? With The Mandalorian Season 3 hopefully coming out in the next year, now is the perfect time to catch up on the chapters of this incredible space saga.

Stream The Mandalorian on Disney+.

Some of the main cast of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

In this comedy drama, we follow a group of students who are attending the same school that High School Musical was shot in. And now, we get to watch them as they put on the school’s very first production of High School Musical as their own winter musical.

Okay, I know that the title of the series can make it seem a little off-putting, but I can promise you that High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is actually pretty good. The cast all work very well off of each other and create some funny and heartfelt moments. Plus, the original songs are full of love, spunk, and several catchy beats that will have you tapping your foot.

Stream High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+.

Mike and Sully in Monsters at Work on Disney+.

Monsters At Work

In Monsters at Work, taking place directly after the events of Monsters Inc., Mike and Sully are promoted to running Monsters Inc. now that it runs on laugh power, and a new addition to the crew, Tylor, has to somehow work his way up the corporate ladder when all his life, he’s been making sure he’d be the perfect scarer.

As someone who grew up constantly watching Monsters Inc. with my father, I love this series. The Monsters at Work cast is voiced by some awesome actors and actresses, and even Billy Crystal and John Goodman are reprising their roles as Mike and Sully. If Pixar films are your favorite thing to watch in the world, you have to give this wonderful cartoon a try.

Stream Monsters at Work on Disney+.

Wanda and Vision in WandaVision on Disney+.

Marvel Original TV Shows

While normally I would give these all their separate sections, because there’s so many - and only going to be more - it’s better to group them together:

WandaVision is all about Wanda Maximoff, alongside Vision, and what she did directly after the events of Avengers: Endgame, becoming something even more powerful. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier follows the titular characters from the Marvel films, as Sam Wilson tries to grapple the idea of becoming Captain America, and Bucky Barnes tries to deal with his own mental health while the power of a new group threatens to take several lives. Loki is all about the titular God of Mischief, and how he is captured by the TVA when he creates a new reality and exposes the multiverse.

I could go on and on about these TV series as a Marvel fan, but if you’re into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you have to watch these shows.

Not only will it help you understand what the heck is going to happen in the upcoming Marvel films, but it also provides you a great story with some amazing acting too. WandaVision even scored several Emmy nominations for how fantastic it was. They are all truly one of a kind.

Stream the Marvel shows on Disney+.

Some of the cast of The Bad Batch on Disney+.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

In this spinoff of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: The Bad Batch follows Clone Force 99, a group of elite clone troopers with genetic mutations that take on mercenary missions in the aftermath of what occurred during the Clone Wars.

I feel like The Mandalorian is a show that anyone could watch, but with The Bad Batch, I do feel that you need to be a fan of Star Wars and its movies and The Clone Wars TV series to really enjoy the lore and backstory with these characters. If you’re into both of those (like I am), The Bad Batch knocks it out of the park with a fun and exciting story, some awesome animation, and a great voice cast behind it.

Stream Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney+.

Some of the main cast of Diary of a Future President on Disney+.

Diary of a Future President

In this family-friendly series, Diary of a Future President follows a young Cuban-American girl on her journey to become the future president of the United States.

What I love about this series is that it’s so wholesome. It’s not filled with action or intense thrills or anything of the sort, but just a simple story with a young girl trying to work her way up in her life to somehow becoming president. Jane the Virgin cast member Gina Rodriguez executive produces this great series - even has a role in it, but I won’t reveal what. If you want something the whole family can watch, this is your show.

Stream Diary of a Future President on Disney+.

Purl in the spark short, Purl in Pixar's SparkShorts on Disney+.


As you can see on Disney+, there are plenty of different ways to enjoy all of our favorite Disney properties, from Marvel to Lucasfilm. However, Pixar took it a step further and created SparkShorts, a small series that features short films.

These films, while they are not that long, offer some great animation, stories that will have you tearing at your heart, and then wanting to rewatch it all over again. This show is home to such shorts like Purl, Kitbull and several others that have gone viral on YouTube. No matter what, you’ll find enjoyment in this small short film series.

Stream SparkShorts on Disney+.

With all these entertaining shows, it might be hard to pick just one, but hopefully now you have an idea of some of the best. And, who knows what might happen in the next year or so? Hopefully we can get some new series to add directly onto this list.

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