12 Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles On eBay That Every Fan Will Want

For so many reasons, now is a terrific time for Spider-Man fans to be surfing eBay, looking for rare and valuable collectibles. Spider-Man has never been hotter, with the blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home rolling into theaters around the globe. But also, with the holiday season upon us, this is a great time for you to be grabbing a unique piece of Spider-Man memorabilia for the wall-crawling comic-book lover in your inner circle. And you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for on eBay.

No matter what type of collectible you seek, it’s waiting for you online. But to help you begin your search, we singled out twelve of the most exciting Spider-Man collectibles that are available on eBay as we speak. And we have divided them up into the three main categories of collectible Spider-Man products: comic books, action figures, and trading cards.

Amazing Fantasy 15

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Spider-Man Comics

Spider-Man’s comic book history traces back to 1962, when the teenager Peter Parker appeared in The Amazing Fantasy #15 and received that fateful spider bite. The story was supposed to be a one-off, which Stan Lee included despite the fact that his publisher hated the idea. Needless to say, Spidey found his audience, and has been entertaining fans since. And so many of those important, storied comics are available on eBay. Let's break down some of our favorites...

Amazing Fantasy #15: As we said, this is where it all began. The original versions are obviously extremely rare and can be quite pricey, but there are also a ton of replica editions available at any given time, as well. Like every great superhero, Spider-Man has his own origin story, and this comic is the best way to celebrate that. You can see what's available on eBay right now over at this listing page.

Spider-Man Sinister Six: There's no discussing Spider-Man history, especially the history of Spider-Man villains without talking about the Sinister Six. The famed villain collaboration is a favorite among fans and has appeared numerous times. The original comic is quite expensive and typically runs in the $6000 range, but there are also many replicas, as well as additional comics featuring the gang. You can check out what eBay has with the villains over here.

Civil War #1 / The Amazing Spider-Man #529: The Iron Spider suit has become a fixture in the MCU for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. He received it from Tony Stark, and it helped him in both Infinity War and Endgame, once the hero traveled to space. The suit shows up again in No Way Home, so find out the suit’s comic book origin by grabbing Spider-Man #529.

Spider-Man: One More Day: This four-part storyline is believed to be a loose inspiration for Spider-Man: No Way Home, with some very noticeable changes. In an effort to restore his Aunt May’s health, Peter Parker and Mary Jane make a deal with the devil -- literally -- and conjure a spell to make the world forget that Peter was ever Spider-Man. Find out how the story resolves by snagging a copy on eBay.   

The Amazing Spider-Man #57: Subtitled “Happy Birthday,” this three part storyline might be one of my favorite Spider-Man stories of all time. The wallcrawler interferes with one of Doctor Strange’s spells, causing all sorts of headaches. The finale, which is the double-sized Spider-Man #500, is an absolute MUST own for fans of the hero, but start with The Amazing Spider-Man #57 and collect the full set. 

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Spider-Man No Way Home

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Spider-Man Collectible Toys

Star Wars might have kicked off the age of movie-related action figures, but several other brands have gotten in on the action in recent years. If you are a fan or collector of virtually any pop-culture franchise, then you know the brands like Funko Pop and Marvel Legends. These oddly designed action figures with bulbous heads and tiny bodies have dominated the collectible landscape, offering fans everything from Superman to the characters on NBC’s The Office. As you can imagine, Spider-Man is well represented in this realm.

Spider-Man in Upgraded Suit: The toughest choice for virtually any Funko is deciding on the style that you want. For MCU Spidey, they have selections from every movie that Tom Holland has appeared in, as well as the costumes he has worn in those adventures. Head to eBay to pick up the Upgraded Suit that Peter Parker wears in Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

Marvel Universe Metallic Spider-Man #3: Traditional Funk Pops found at your local Hot Topics aren't the only ones getting snapped up by Spider-Man collectors. Usually, true fans are in the hunt for hard-to-find releases such as the Metallic version that was only made available at San Diego Comic-Con. It sports the traditional red-and-blue color scheme and includes a unique web pattern on his face. eBay has that rare 2011 Funko at that link.

Doctor Octopus ToyBiz Marvel Legends: You don’t have to buy Funko on eBay to own a Spider-Man action figure, though. ToyBiz also specializes in figures, and has for years. Because Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) is relevant again thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home, you can find 2004 action figures that are tied to Spider-Man 2

No Way Home Integrated Suit Armadillo Series: And as one other option, the Marvel Legends series has done a fantastic translation of the Integrated Suit that Tom Holland wears at the end of No Way Home. Something about this suit has really grown on me, despite my annoyance with the Iron Spider suit. I need to own this, and will be scanning eBay on the regular until it's mine.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Spider-Man Trading Cards   

Trading cards aren’t just for sports figures anymore. The Marvel superheroes have been appearing in packs produced by Impel and Fleer, two leaders in the field. You can find individual cards on eBay, packs of cards on eBay, and boxes of complete sets. 

Marvel Universe Series 1: Marvel collectors know that Marvel Universe Series trading cards released by Impel are the officially sanctioned works, and the Series 1 are the most rare. Pay attention to a handful of things on a bid that make these more valuable. The artist showcased on the front of the card. The characters who are described on the backs of each cards. And of course, the Hologram cards that are randomly included in different packs. Click here for the 1990 set. 

Marvel Universe Series 2: Ready to go all in on your collecting? Then instead of grabbing a pack, or a single card, invest in a box. More cards, better chances of getting one of the five Hologram cards. The Series 2 cards, released in 1991, changed the stats on the back to Power Rankings for each Marvel, character, creating more than enough debate in the fandom. Find them here.

Marvel 1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man: This last, and very cool set, stands out mainly because of the number of cards that are available in the set -- 150 cards, which is large for a collection. The Fleer design is quite different from the Marvel Universe cards, with shiny and sleeker artwork that’s very reminiscent of Spider-Man comic art from 1995. This is a terrific time capsule of the hero in that decade, and is available on eBay by following this link

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