NCIS Went The Extra Mile To Fool The Cast And Crew About Ziva Twist
Criminal Minds And Star Trek: Discovery Stars Just Joined Showtime's Penny Dreadful Sequel

Penny Dreadful just added some major television players to its cast!

America's Got Talent: Watch One Contestant Make Golden Buzzer History With Bonkers Dance Routine

America's Got Talent has delivered some golden buzzer shockers in the past, but one contestant's wild dance routine made golden buzzer history in a hilarious way.

Big Brother Spoilers: Who Wins The First Head Of Household In Season 21

Those curious about who may have won Big Brother Season 21's first HoH need only click here.

Netflix Is Losing The Office To Another Streaming Service
Watch America's Got Talent's Shadow Theater Recreate Game Of Thrones With Incredible Shadow Act

Game of Thrones may be done for good, but America's Got Talent's Shadow Theatre VERBA has an incredible act that will take you back to Westeros. Take a look!

How Involved James Wan Got In DC Universe's Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing's co-showrunner and writer Gary Dauberman spoke to CinemaBlend about James Wan's involvement in the horror hero series.

Latest Update On Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife Beth Chapman Says She’s Not Expected To Recover

Beth Chapman of Dog the Bounty Hunter is reportedly not expected to recover from her coma. Here's the latest.

Alison Brie Wants Netflix To Make The Community Movie

Alison Brie is still on board for a Community movie and she knows what outlet should release it!

American Ninja Warrior Contestant Becomes First Mom To Beat The Course

Sandy Zimmerman became the first mom to beat the obstacle course in an impressive American Ninja Warrior run.

NCIS Went The Extra Mile To Fool The Cast And Crew About Ziva Twist

This was a move straight out of Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

Kevin Costner's Yellowstone Is Now The Cable Show To Beat In The Ratings

Kevin Costner's Yellowstone is still a huge hit! Check out how well Season 2's premiere did.

Could NCIS' Gibbs Catch Dexter And Other Iconic Television Bad Guys?

How would Gibbs fare against the most famous of television bad guys? Here's some thoughts.

What Netflix Has Cancelled And Renewed

Want to know what's happening with all of Netflix's original series? We've got you covered.

When Scream Season 3 Is Finally Bringing Ghostface To TV

After years of fans waiting patiently, Scream Season 3 is finally coming soon, complete with the original Ghostface mask and voice actor.

Why Outlander Cut Claire And Jamie From A Key Book Scene In Season 4

Claire and Jamie were missing from a big scene in Outlander Season 4 that they were key to in Diana Gabaldon's books. Here's why.

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