Creating a good look for a character on a comic book TV show can be tricky. While they have a distinctive appearance in the original source material, that doesn’t mean it will necessarily translate well onto the small screen. There’s also the issue that TV productions don’t have as big of a budget as movies, meaning not as much money can be poured into costume design. As a result, appearances often need to be changed for the adaptation. Luckily, if something about the main character’s costume doesn’t work, it it is often adjusted, since the costumes are important to the show and need to look their best. The same treatment doesn’t always apply to the villains.

There have been many supervillains seen on TV throughout the years, and most of them have worn great costumes. The following do not fall into that category. This is a list of supervillain looks that the costume designers should have glanced at and said, “Scratch this, let’s try again.” Whether it was poor design or minimal effort put in, these costumes had no business appearing on our TV screens. Without further ado, here are the worst 10 supervillain costumes in history, starting with number 10.

10. Isabel Rochev, Arrow
Slade Wilson was intimidating when he wore the orange and black mask, but the same can’t be said for Isabel Rochev. Adapting the Ravager look from the comics, it was an unusual departure not just from Deathstroke’s look, but his Mirakuru-powered soldiers. Obviously they were trying to distinguish her from the rest of Slade’s army, but viewers were well acquainted with Isabel that her wearing a mask wasn’t necessary. Luckily, she didn’t have it on for too long.

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