To top off a wonderful season full of fantastic fights, memorable characters and, of course, DCU references, Arrow did the “Unthinkable." The Season 2 finale not only featured two 'final' showdowns between our hero and big bad (as well as our first look at Flash) but also the return of pretty much everyone who has ever fought over the fate of Starling City. Okay, so that's a little bit of an exaggeration. Still, there were a quite a few familiar faces back to battle on the recently set ablaze "Streets Of Fire”...

3. Pre-Game
The events that take place on Lian Yu have been pretty thin the last few weeks because Arrow has been putting the pieces in place for the finale and "Unthinkable" did not disappoint. The episode easily contained the most engaging flashback sequences in some time, perhaps all season, with things finally coming to a head for Oliver and Slade.

The cross-cutting between the two final fights was really well done and, thanks to a little help from some falling debris, Oliver is able to win both. Anatoli proved to be a man of his word and the torpedo not only took down the Amazo for good but also allowed for our hero to gain the critical advantage over his mirakuru enhanced adversary. Cue the Arrow to the eye. Oh, and it also split up Sara and Oliver, with the former getting sucked out of the freighter just like she did when the Queen's Gambit went down. The events of the past might have found a new location after Oliver was rescued by a Mockingbird. That doesn't mean we're done with Purgatory just yet, as the island will now serve as a 'Super-Max' prison to house the Arrow's most dangerous foes. It's also nice to learn that Slade wasn't cured of his hatred. He made promises. I wonder if he still sees Shado?

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