In just over a month, Showtime will bring The Big C back for its third season, and with it comes Susan Sarandon in a guest starring role of the joyful Joy Kleinman. The new trailer for Season 3 not only gives us a look at what Cathy’s up to and an idea of what we should expect from Sarandon’s character.

For those wondering if we’re given any indication as to the fate of Cathy’s husband Paul, who was last seen having collapsed while the EMS attempted to revive him from what might have been a heart attack or a cocaine overdose (or both?), he doesn’t appear in the trailer below. So we still don’t know whether he survives or not.

Moving on to more joyful matters, here’s the trailer for Season 3...

So, it appears Cathy’s looking to bring a little joy in her life. Perhaps this is her attempt to keep her (hopefully) improving health situation moving in the right direction with a bit of positive thinking. As a huge fan of Susan Sarandon, I can’t wait to see what she brings to the series. It already looks like she stands a chance of getting under Cathy’s skin, which always makes for interesting developments on this show.

The Big C returns for Season 3 on Sunday, April 8 on Showtime.

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