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Chuck had its fair share of darker moments, but the NBC series was practically a comedy by comparison to Showtime's serial killer drama Dexter, so it should be interesting to see what kind of role the pay-cable series has for Yvonne Strahovski, whom Chuck fans will remember fondly as the capable Sarah Walker.

With Chuck wrapped up for good, that leaves its cast free to move on to other projects. For Zachary Levi, that may be a spot in Thor 2, while it seems Chuck's main squeeze will be pursuing small screen roles, in addition to a few feature projects coming up. IMDB has Strahovski credited for the upcoming films The Guilt Trip and I, Frankenstein, and now Deadline is reporting that the Australian-born beauty is set to appear in Dexter for a multi-episode arc.
She will play Hannah McKay, a strong, independent woman with a past that she’s struggled to put behind her. As a turn of events leads Miami Metro Homicide to ask for her help in solving some old cases, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) works with her and begins to wonder if there’s more to this woman than she’s professed.

The thing I love about this is that it's really difficult to guess what kind of role she'll be playing. Sure, we could take the description at face-value and not consider the potential in a role like this, but on Dexter, there's often more than meets the eye. Hannah McKay could be a woman Dexter ends up helping or looking out for. Or it could turn out she's got some deep, dark secret that makes her a fitting victim for Dexter's table. His code dictates that he only kill people who truly "deserve" it for misdeeds in their path. If she has a closet full of skeletons (either literally or figuratively), we may see what Hannah McKay looks like with her cheek sliced open. A morbid bit of speculation, for sure, but not one unfitting for a show like this. And with Strahovski in the role, it could go either way. I could just as easily see her playing a good woman in need of a protector as much as I could see a darker side to her if the role called for it. We'll have to wait and see what happens when Season 7 arrives (September 30).

Watch the teaser for Dexter Season 7 here.
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