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Zachary Levi Could Replace Josh Dallas In Thor 2

The Warriors Three weren’t a huge component of Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. They were relegated to the background once Thor (Chris Hemsworth) exited Asgard for our planet, but they could have a more significant role in the upcoming Thor 2 and, as such, they are undergoing a possible recasting for a more recognizable actor.

Marvel Studios reportedly is going after Chuck star Zachary Levi to replace Josh Dallas in the role of Frandral, one of Thor’s closest friends and allies in battle. Dallas is leaving on good terms, as his time commitment to the hit ABC show Once Upon a Time means he can’t commit to the Thor sequel, which Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor will helm beginning in September. THR says Levi was the first choice to play the role in the initial Thor film, but had to pass due to his Chuck commitments. Now he’s free, and the trade says an offer is "imminent."

Which is fine. Levi’s a good actor, but I wonder still how much of a role the Warriors Three will play in Thor 2. We’re guessing a lot. Marvel has mentioned at different spots that the Thor sequel will show different sides of Asgard, so it's safe to assume most of the action will take place in Thor's home world, leading to a lot of action for his fighting buddies. Thor 2 now will open on Nov. 8, 2013. Ink Levi to a contract, and let’s get this thing underway.

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