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I can't seem to talk about Breaking Bad enough lately. Between my recent re-watch of the series via Netflix, which I'm still working my way through, getting to speak with the cast and creator Vince Gilligan at Comic Con last week, and last Sunday night's Season 5 premiere, I have Breaking Bad on the brain. One thing I didn't get to do while at SDCC was see the panel for the series. Fortunately, AMC has offered a highlight video featuring some of the best bits of the BB SDCC panel. Watch it ahead!

Breaking Bad's presence at Comic Con seems long overdue, but well timed given the start of the series' fifth and final season this past weekend. The video below is almost nine minutes and features the cast and Gilligan as they answer questions about what's ahead for the series.

It's interesting that Cranston says the "happy ending" might be that Walt dies. What's more interesting is what Gilligan says about "winning" and what it is to stay on top. What happens when everything's conquered? Cranston jokes that Walt's left weeping at the end, and Gilligan jokes, "Oh yes, like a baby… in his underpants." That's actually not far off from what I picture to be the worst possible ending for Walter White ever (but not necessarily the show). Walt dying might seem like a sad ending for the character, but something tells me that Walter White would prefer that over losing everything (his family, his money, his "power," etc). It's a depressing thought, but at this point, the series really doesn't seem to be set up for a happily-ever-after for Walt. Who knows, though?

Watch the full Season 5 premiere episode online here.

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