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The 12 Most Memorable Game Of Thrones Characters, According To A Super Computer

Technology can be pretty fascinating. Recently, an AI robot housed at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory looked at a bunch of photos of Game of Thrones characters, ranking them in terms of memorability. The results are a little stranger than you might guess. You can find out which 12 Game of Thrones characters are the most memorable, below.

1. Daenerys Targaryen: 9.422. Margaery Tyrell: 9.073. Tywinn Lannister: 8.814. Jaime Lannister: 8.78 (tie)4. Cersei Lannister: 8.78 (tie)4. Bronn: 8.78 (tie)7. Sansa Stark: 8.78. Jon Snow (tie)8. Ned Stark: 8.61 (tie)10. Gregor Clegane: 8.2211. Tyrion Lannister: 8.1512. Joffrey Baratheon: 7.25

Color me quite shocked. I never thought I would see a list where Tyrion ranked so low and where Margaery Tyrell ranked so high. The score to the right is indicative of how many people might remember the image 100 seconds after initially shown a picture of someone (or in this case, some character). If we look at the #1 representative, Daenerys Targaryen, the 9.42 indicates that 94.2% of people who see her image will still remember it 100 seconds later. In Joffrey’s case, it’s only 7.25, but that’s still a pretty good score. If a picture gets a 5, that’s 50% of people and so on and so forth.

Obviously this memorability score has nothing to do with the story arcs of our characters. So whether or not you are a kingslayer or a kinslayer or even dead or alive on the series really makes no matter. All the MIT group had to do was plug photos of the characters into its impressive computer, a thing you can do, as well. The computer then uses an algorithm the team developed to determine how memorable the image is. The goal is to try and see what subtle features and characteristics make the individuals more and less memorable.


I don’t know what those features entail, but I do know that Joffrey had some crazy ice cold blue eyes and Ned Stark had a pretty ridiculous haircut on the series, and none of these features were enough to land them in a top 3 slot. Although, if the computer had been taking things into account outside of the facial region, like costumes and the like, Jaime Lannister’s missing hand could have boosted him in the rankings. I know a lot of you Game of Thrones fans ship Jon Snow, but today at least, it’s all about Daenerys Targaryen.

On Sunday, that might change, however. Tune in to HBO on Sunday, June 14 for the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale. In the meantime, you can read more about the MIT experiment here.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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