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Star Wars: The Clone Wars recently became an unfortunate byproduct of The Walt Disney Company’s purchase of LucasFilm, getting cut from Cartoon Network after the deal went through. However, fans should get one more season of the hit series, thanks to a second deal made with Netflix. While the show initially aired on Cartoon Network, just a few days ago, we learned that Netflix had purchased the already-finished Season 6. On Monday, the network released an extensive look at the final episodes of The Clone Wars series.

The new trailer is a whopping 2 minutes and 53 seconds long and, just like most film previews, it really gives you a pretty good idea of what will be coming up in Season 6. Still, if you don’t mind being a little bit spoiled, there’s an awesome focus on Master Yoda at the beginning of the trailer, and he seems to be going on a spiritual and physical journey. Season 6 has been dubbed “The Lost Missions,” and those close to the show have promised a season filled with action, a season in which the balance of power in the galaxy might be forever changed. When LucasFilm began wrapping up the series Supervising Director Dave Filoni called the final footage some of the “most exciting, most important story arcs” the show has ever put together, so it looks like we shouldn’t expect the final season to dip in quality.

The Season 6 outings aren’t the only episodes of The Clone Wars Netflix has purchased. The subscription streaming service has also opted to nab the streaming rights for the first five seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which first began airing on Cartoon Network back in 2008. In addition to the new episode content, Netflix is also promising that U.S. and Canadian subscribers will be able to watch director’s cut episodes that never aired on television. That sounds like a pretty good deal.

The Netflix news may not be great news for those who do not subscribe to the streaming service but do love the show. Still, it’s nice to know that fans will actually be getting a final season of the series. Way back in March, LucasFilm was stating the show would “wind down” rather than be straight-up cancelled, but the footage that had not aired from the series was also called “bonus content,” which didn't seem particularly promising. Instead of "bonus content," fans will get a whopping thirteen episodes, and they’ll be able to binge watch them as quickly as possible or take them in at their leisure.

You can catch new episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars beginning on Friday, March 7.

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