There are a lot of annoying, obnoxious and mal-adjusted child characters on television, but sifting through them all, I think many would agree that the kids in the Parenthood clan are the absolute worst. From talking back to being unreasonable and from spoiled antics to general brattish behavior, the kids on NBC’s Parenthood have an awful lot of problems. So, with only a few episodes of Parenthood left to air, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to rank the obnoxious children on the show from bad to the worst. Although even the best doesn't mean a model child on this show.

Check out our rankings, below, and let us know if you feel the Parenthood kids deserve to be ranked differently.

#9 & #10) Nora Braverman and Aida Trussell-Braverman
The youngest kids of both Adam and Kristina and Jasmine and Crosby barely make a radar on this list. They don’t speak and don’t really have any impact on major plotlines. They just exist.

Reasons They Suck: No lines, no personalities, no point.
Haddie parenthood
#8) Haddie Braverman
Haddie is the eldest daughter of Adam and Kristina, who used to be a regular on the show. She had some problems in high school, but then went to college, supporting her mom when she had cancer. Most recently, she’s been pretty go with the flow and hasn’t caused too many waves, making her past the major reason she sort-of sucks.

Reasons She Sucks: Dating older boys, going to parties, getting caught with drugs, arguing with her parents, showing up unannounced when mom had cancer.
Jabbar parenthood
#7) Jabbar Trussell-Braverman
Jabbar is the eldest kid of Jasmine and Crosby. He also ranks pretty low on the list, and is often more annoying than an actual suckfest. Which is actually pretty good, considering the kid didn’t have a father in his life until he turned 5. Way to parent, Jasmine.

Reasons He Sucks: Occasionally whiny and stomps his feet, has a cheesy smile, recently refused to be told “no” about going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter when his parents are broke.
drew parenthood
#6) Drew Holt
Drew is another character on Parenthood who has come a long way from the early days of the show. Originally moody and withdrawn, Drew has most recently helped out his pregnant sister and talked some sense into her when she tried to get back with her troubled ex. He still occasionally sucks, though.

Reasons He Sucks: Lets girls walk all over him, lacks respect for his mom, lacks respect for himself, used to be moody and withdrawn, doesn’t like mom’s boyfriends, got a chick pregnant in high school.
victor parenthood
#5) Victor Graham
Victor is the adopted son of Julia and Joel. Amusingly, despite the fact that his second home is now a broken home, he seems moderately well-adjusted, only getting emotional on occasion. It’s amazing what sports can do for a kid.

Reasons He Sucks: Adjusted to his new life poorly, threw a bat through a window, doesn’t get along with Sydney, is terrible at schoolwork, eats Cheez Whiz straight out of the can.
amber parenthood
#4) Amber Holt
I hesitate to even call the formerly engaged and pregnant Amber a kid at this point. She’s definitely a young adult, but if my family can put my late-twenties ass at the kiddie table during holiday events, she’s going to have to suck it up. Because Sarah’s kid is among the most disappointing personalities the show has to offer. She's a one step forward, two steps back kind of girl.

Reasons She Sucks: Didn’t go to college, covers up the misdeeds of her cousins, is pregnant with no life plan, tried to get back with her PTSD baby daddy, has trouble dealing with her life changing due to her pregnancy, can’t afford stuff for the baby, almost died in a car accident due to partying, has occasional problems with alcohol, has difficulty getting along with mom and dad.
Max parenthood
#3) Max Braverman
Max is one of Kristina and Adam’s kids. To be fair, most of his issues stem from the fact that he was diagnosed with a moderate case of Asperger’s Syndrome, which Adam and Kristina don’t always handle with finesse, even if they have his best intentions at heart.

Reasons He Sucks: Has trouble with eye contact, often makes hurtful comments to family members, walks all over his parents, does not handle being chastised for bad behavior well, is generally difficult to deal with, oggles Ruby, puts others in awkward positions, has a weird obsession with bugs.
ruby parenthood
#2) Ruby Rizzoli
Ruby is one of the newer additions to the Parenthood universe, but she’s certainly made up for this by being a horrible human being in recent episodes. She’s Hank and Sandy (Betsy Brandt)’s kid, but she manages to cause problems for Sarah and Amber, too.

Reasons She Sucks: Shoplifts regularly, is disrespectful to her parents, sneaks out of the house, gets drunk, lies to everyone, is consistently in a bad mood, has horrible taste in clothing and makeup.
sydney parenthood
#1) Sydney Graham
Hey remember that time when Julia realized she had zero control over Sydney and locked her in her room, leaving her to kick and scream out her emotions? Well, things really haven’t gotten better since then. Sydney is by far the worst child on Parenthood and possibly the worst kid to ever appear on a TV show. I’m so happy that Parenthood is ending, so we don’t have to see what she would be like as a teen or adult.

Reasons She Sucks: snotty, is a bully at school, treats Victor horribly, is spoiled by her parents, talks back to both of her parents, has frequent temper tantrums, is never in a good mood, cries all the time, is generally unlikeable. And she’s only ten.

What do you think about the Braverman clan? Let us know in the comments, below.

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