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Louis C.K.’s FX series Louie has been a huge hit for the network. Fans love it, and so does FX. However, it’s looking like both may have to wait for the next season of the show. Louis C.K. is taking a break from the show, and there’s no plan for when he’ll be back.

The news came out during this past week Television Critics Association press tour (via Variety). According to FX CEO John Landgraf there is no timetable for the series’ return, saying it could be six months or two years before Louie is back. The primary issue appears to be one of scheduling. In addition to writing, directing and starring on his own show he’s also working on producing several others that will be taking much of his focus in the short term. Among the projects is the comedy series Baskets starring Zach Galifianakis which is set to premiere in 2016.

On the positive side, FX seems willing to let Louis take him time. All of the things that C.K. is working on are FX projects, so they’re still getting the benefit of his work. In addition, they are letting C.K. have full control over when he decides to return to the show. According to Landgraf, he’d love to see the series run for 20 years and he’s willing to give C.K. whatever freedom is necessary.

This is ultimately good news for fans. While it means they won’t be seeing episodes on a regular schedule, it does mean fans will eventually see as much of the show as Louie C.K. himself wants to make. This will likely mean that the seasons that do come along will be of high quality, as nobody is going to feel forced to produce substandard shows just to get them on TV on schedule.

The situation is very reminiscent of the deal that Larry David has over at HBO. The cable giant would love to see as much of Curb Your Enthusiasm as they can, but David is in complete control of when and if the show happens. It’s been four years since that series was on the air and while fans, recently received some hope, it could still be years before that show returns, if ever.

Hopefully Louie won’t need to wait four years for their next fix of Louie C.K. but who knows. Fans already had to wait two years between Season 3 and Season 4. Now it looks like there may be extended breaks between all future seasons. Are you happy that Louie has control of his show, or frustrated you’re going to have to wait?

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