Last week's Doctor Who episode was weak, and there's no way around it. (If anything, it was reminiscent of another sub-par episode that involved a little girl with mind powers, Season 2's Fear Her.) However, as if to make up for that fact, we were treated to a hell of a trailer this weekend, followed by ANOTHER that was dropped this morning. You can catch the first trailer for the Season 8 finale, below.
Between all of that visual stimulation, clue laden dialogue, and awesome use of the preview montage format, there are a lot of clues to pick apart from what we're being shown before our very eyes. All of that information can be summed up in one question, and it's a question that we asked each time we saw one of the 14 moments we're about to highlight from both trailers: WTF?! Check out the strangest moments from both trailers in this list.

Lady Of The Key?
We open the first trailer with Clara promising The Doctor that he'll, “never step inside [his] TARDIS again.” She holds the TARDIS key like the One Ring from The Lord Of The Rings, looking ready to cast it into the fires of wherever they're standing, which looks suspiciously like Mount Doom. Why the hell would Clara do this, considering she was ready to save The Doctor, so he could save the universe?

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