14 WTF Moments We've Been Promised In The Doctor Who Season 8 Finale

Last week's Doctor Who episode was weak, and there's no way around it. (If anything, it was reminiscent of another sub-par episode that involved a little girl with mind powers, Season 2's Fear Her.) However, as if to make up for that fact, we were treated to a hell of a trailer this weekend, followed by ANOTHER that was dropped this morning. You can catch the first trailer for the Season 8 finale, below.

Between all of that visual stimulation, clue laden dialogue, and awesome use of the preview montage format, there are a lot of clues to pick apart from what we're being shown before our very eyes. All of that information can be summed up in one question, and it's a question that we asked each time we saw one of the 14 moments we're about to highlight from both trailers: WTF?! Check out the strangest moments from both trailers in this list.


Lady Of The Key?

We open the first trailer with Clara promising The Doctor that he'll, “never step inside [his] TARDIS again.” She holds the TARDIS key like the One Ring from The Lord Of The Rings, looking ready to cast it into the fires of wherever they're standing, which looks suspiciously like Mount Doom. Why the hell would Clara do this, considering she was ready to save The Doctor, so he could save the universe?


Missy And...A Tomb?

Considering she's been rather calm and collected this season, to see Missy woken with a shock is something most peculiar. Perhaps now's a good time to wonder if Missy is really a good or bad player in The Doctor's universe. Also, where is Missy finding herself at this moment? Could it be a tomb of some sort? We'll play around with that possibility later.


Robots Are A Girl's Best Friend

More Clara weirdness here, as she steps out of one of those tomb enclosures, and somehow walks towards the Cybermen. Now ignorance isn't a factor, because she's experienced them in Season 7's Nightmare In Silver, not to mention she probably remembers them from The Doctor's time stream. So why's she walking toward them? Is she in a trance?


Rockets Over London

Undoubtedly a UNIT defense system, this building mounted defense system looks like it's firing offensive rockets. What at, we don't know, but a good guess could be Cyber Controller ships, seeing as the Cybermen (or what was left of them,) were last seen adrift in deep space. Should we be worried that we haven't heard anything from Emperor Ludens Nimrod Kendrick Cord Longstaff XLI since Nightmare In Silver?


Return Of The Claw

So once again UNIT is using their mighty claw apparatus to grab The Doctor's TARDIS, and it looks like they're loading it onto a plane. Also aboard the plane is Kate Stewart (yay!) and Osgood (ugh,) so this is clearly UNIT's chosen transportation for the moment. Why and how is the TARDIS not an option here?


Nightmare In Silver (At 20,000 Feet)

Perhaps this chap banging on one of the airplane windows is a clue as to why jet airplanes are being used, as a random Cyberman is clinging onto the plane. Once again, William Shatner's nightmare has come true; and this time there's a sneaking suspicion that there's going to be multiple Cybermen trying to get into the plane.


Missy's Got A Gun

Following that shot of the Cyberman is Missy and someone else standing near one of the doors to the plane, and she's armed. Two big questions come to mind: can Missy be trusted enough to be given a weapon, and if so why is that? The season seemed to be setting Missy up as a villain, but again... is she?


The Fall Of The Doctor

Assuming the TARDIS fell out of the plane during the ensuing depressurization we saw in the moment before this, The Doctor should be absolutely fine. But if that assumption is incorrect, or even if it is correct but The Doctor is too far to fall into it safely, what the hell is going to happen to The Doctor?


He Knows Her Name

All Missy has to say to The Doctor is, “You know who I am,” and that's enough to turn the attack eyebrows to their lowest, most bewildered setting. So we're definitely seeing someone from The Doctor's past in Missy, and the three best guesses (in order of feasibility) are The Rani, The Master, or River. (Moffat's played with Regeneration limits before. It's an unofficial hobby of Doctor Who showrunners.)


The Tears Of A Companion

All this season, Clara's been on and off, up and down in her relationship with The Doctor. This random shot of tears is close to the beginning of the second trailer, and it precedes a shot of The Doctor at a higher point in the TARDIS. Best guess, The Doctor has crossed another line that Clara is not comfortable with, which might explain why she's threatening to keep him away from the TARDIS.


The Tomb (Of The Cybermen?)

The Doctor mentions that this huge building that he and Clara have supposedly stumbled on is a “tomb.” Is it merely a coincidence that The Cybermen are reappearing in another episode with a Tomb? Or is this some new threat we're going to see unfurl before our eyes?


A Helping Hand

What's this random hand attached to, and why is it activating a button that's undoubtedly connected to one of those little rooms in the tomb? Come to think of it, have we ever seen what a human looks like inside a Cyberman suit? Because honestly, this looks like a good candidate for what you'd have left after the “upgrade” process.


City Of The Dead

We're shown a random city sprawl with (what looks like) The Doctor looking out of a window at the view. Now this could be the Nethersphere, considering the police officer in “The Caretaker” was looking out a similarly round window at some expanse that impressed him. Then again, it could be different for everyone who looks out at it.


The Girl Who Wasn't There

We're jumping back to the first trailer again, as it ends with a moment that's just too perfect of a moment to not end our list on. That moment is when Clara “The Impossible Girl” Oswald is facing down a Cyberman, and proclaims, “I'm not Clara Oswald. Clara Oswald has never existed.” WHAT? THE? FUCK?! The girl who was born to save The Doctor and has been handpicked by Missy for some reason now says she doesn't exist.

Honestly... we've got nothing on that one. But if you want to go ahead and theorize on this or any of the WTF moments of the Doctor Who finale trailer, the comments section is open below.

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