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The Russo brothers have some big weeks coming up with the arrival of Captain America: Civil War and all of the press stuff that comes with creating and promoting a Marvel movie. However, when that dies down, we now know what project the Civil War directors will be working on. Joe and Anthony Russo’s Getaway Productions recently nabbed the rights to The Atavist Magazine’s articles The Mastermind, which is an investigative journalism series on the net that includes both image and written content. Apparently, they want to bring this property to television. 

The Mastermind, similar to The Jinx or Making a Murderer, is a true crime narrative about Paul Le Roux, a cartel boss-turned-criminal informant who apparently makes for a fascinating story. If you’d like to read more about the man, there’s plenty of information already up on The Atavist and a book is also said to be in the works. Deadline, reporting on the project, notes that a TV version is still in the early phases. It’s currently being described as something akin to Making A Murderer, but true crime has been fictionalized recently in projects like American Crime Story, too, just with a little more leeway.  

We currently don’t know what the Russo brothers’ role would be with The Mastermind, which is also being put together with the help from Skybound Entertainment, the company behind AMC’s wildly successful Walking Dead franchise. Joe and Anthony Russo do have some experience executive producing some TV projects, including Community and Happy Endings and have directed episodes of both shows, as well, so this new project isn't super outside-the-box for either of them. 

Television is kind-of where it is at right now. While there are still plenty of exciting big screen endeavors that come together every year, but TV offers a ton of different types of possibilities beyond the usual 22-episode network TV schedule. Cable and streaming networks offer tons of opportunities for shorter series and more niche series that can make their marks on audiences. A lot of networks have already invested or are investing in true crime projects at this juncture, but we are still interested in where The Mastermind finds a home. 

Obviously, if The Mastermind ends up becoming a TV reality, it could be quite some time before we end up getting to see the final product. First, the Russo’s production company needs to sell the TV project to a network or streaming service and then move forward with said project. Luckily for them, the true crime genre is incredibly hot right now. For now, you can check out what is coming out this summer with our TV premiere schedule

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