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Game Of Thrones Just Made Another Epic Nod At Monty Python

We tend to think of HBO's Game Of Thrones as a program that takes itself pretty seriously. Regardless, the drama does occasionally know how to have fun and slip in a few jokes, both in dialogue and references to pop culture. Last season, the show admitted to referencing Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and this season it looks as if HBO's fantasy drama is up to its old antics. During Sunday's episode, it seems there were a bunch of nods to Monty Python during the scene where Jaime Lannister met up with the Blackfish outside of Riverrun.

During the scene, Jaime showed up at Riverrun with Bronn, who was none too happy to be there. The Blackfish stood on the rampart and treatised with Jaime, exchanging insults the whole time. Also in the scene, there were two totally goofy Frey men attempting to control the situation and failing comically. The AV Club first pointed out that the big sequence at Riverrun very much seems like it took its comedic roots from Monty Python.

Between the siege, the weird leather helmet hats and the fact that they all had shit all over them---it was an extremely Python-esque sequence.

So none of these moments are probably as epic as the time that dude from Meereen disrespectfully peed in Dany's general direction while shouting some of the same insults that John Cleese's French taunter shouted in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (The insults were in Low Valyrian, so it didn't sound weird in context at the time.) This instance isn't quite so blatant, but it's easy to see how The Blackfish throwing out insults is also similar to the French taunter throwing out insults

Obviously, if the Python references were on purpose, it would mark yet another nod the show has made to the popular comedy. Easter eggs like these are actually pretty likable, especially considering that most of the episodes of Game of Thrones are filled with gloom and doom. Other fun Easter eggs on the show include the fact that lookalikes of famous swords from Lord of the Rings and Kingdom of Heaven can be found welded into the Iron Throne. The show gets in enough little moments for fans of the books and pop culture in general that the series always keeps us on our toes.

There are still a few episodes left in Game of Thrones Season 6. You can find our more about the upcoming episodes here and here.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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