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Campaign season for the next presidential election is in full swing, and the stakes are so high this time around that it's hard to find humor in anything political. President Obama found a way to make government funny again when he stopped by The Tonight Show to slow jam the news with Jimmy Fallon. Prepare yourself for something political that is deliberately laughable and check it out!

President Obama's appearance on The Tonight Show managed to accurately sum up his two terms as the leader of the free world so far without being too dry for late night television. He did get in the requisite plug for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and he managed to knock Republican candidate Donald Trump a few times, but the mellow beat of the slow jam kept the news flow going.

I'm not sure what my favorite part of the clip is. I do love that President Obama is so willing to make jokes about being excited to get the hell out of office, and his straight face throughout the slow jam is impressive. I might have to go with Jimmy Fallon struggling not to crack up throughout the whole jam as my favorite, though. Fallon could always be counted on for some bloopers in his Saturday Night Live days, and it's fun to see that he hasn't outgrown the giggles just because he moved to The Tonight Show. Giggly Fallon in front of straight-faced Obama was a killer combination for humor. If Obama wants to branch out from politics once his last term as president comes to an end, I'd say that he could do pretty well as a regular on the late night circuit.

Barack Obama isn't the first major political figure to appear on The Tonight Show to slow jam the news. Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney showed up for a slow jam of his own with Fallon a couple of years ago. He wasn't quite as smooth as Obama, although he was a good sport about Fallon making him the butt of a Book of Mormon joke. Fallon pitched the possibility off Romney running for president again while mid-jam, but that obviously hasn't come to pass. This would be a very different election season if Mitt Romney were the Republican presidential candidate.

Given that Jimmy Fallon has attracted big political figures in the past, it should be interesting to see if he gets Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to show up for a slow jam session of their own. The campaign season is already getting dirty when the election is still months away, so perhaps a rap battle would be a more appropriate way for the two candidates to musically face off on late night. I'm already secondhand embarrassed at the thought of a rap battle, but I could be on board with Clinton or Trump showing up on The Tonight Show for a slow jam.