TNT Postpones The Last Ship Premiere After Orlando's Gay Bar Shooting

Today has been one of immense tragedy and loss. As many of you very well know, the country's worst mass shooting in history occurred around 2AM last night in popular gay bar Pulse located in Orlando, Florida. This tragedy has shaken the country as a whole, with news outlets slowly releasing new information as it becomes public. And with so many in mourning, it's often hard to continue daily responsibilities, which includes the duties of broadcast television. TNT seems to be taking this very seriously, as they have just announced the postponement of their popular apocalyptic drama The Last Ship.

TNT issued a brief but powerful press release for this announcement, saying:

As a result of the shootings this weekend in Orlando, tonight's originally scheduled season premiere of The Last Ship has been postponed. Our hearts are with the victims and their families.

TNT has yet to name a date for the premiere, although we can assume that it might simply be pushed back a week in order to allow the victims, loved ones, and the country as whole to properly grieve. Of course, we'll continue to update you on the eventual premiere of The Last Ship.

Only time will tell how triggering or upsetting the season premiere of The Last Ship might in the wake of the Orlando shooting. One can assume that the episode will have a fair amount of gun use and/or gun violence, which is perhaps why TNT decided to postpone the start of its 13 episode third season. Regardless, it definitely shows a great deal of sensitivity on the part of the network to change their schedule so dramatically and abruptly.

The Last Ship is not the only broadcast to be affected by the tragic Orlando massacre. Tonight is the airdate of the 70th annual live Tony Awards ceremony, hosted by James Corden. Rather than cancelling or postponing the event, The Tonys will be dedicated to the victims of the tragedy. The shooting will surely be palpable during the ceremony, and we can expect to see the Broadway community voicing their concern, pain, and support. Additionally, Broadway musical Hamilton has made some changes their previously rehearsed Tony performance, and will be editing out use of the prop muskets out of respect for the victims. The musical, as well as the historic conflict it is based off of, builds up to the fatal shooting of Alexander Hamilton at the hands of Aaron Burr in a duel.

While we here at Cinema Blend are mostly known for providing entertainment and fun, engaging stories to TV and film fans, we certainly have Orlando on our mind. We offer our deepest condolences to everyone who was affected by this tragedy, and hope for the recovery of the many injured survivors who are currently being tended to.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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