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American Crime Story was a big success on FX earlier in 2016. The new drama from Ryan Murphy followed the story of the O.J. Simpson trial during its first season on the air, and a slew of big names signed on to the series to portray the real-life individuals who were involved with the case. Now that American Crime Story has been renewed for Season 2, we've begun to wonder whether or not some of the cast members for the first season will be back for round 2. As it turns out, the answer looks as if it will be a "yes."

Although we've known for a while that Season 2 will follow the after effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans more than a decade ago, there is finally starting to be a little traction regarding the new episodes. Producers Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson have traveled to New Orleans to begin research for Season 2, and now Deadline is reporting that a few of the Season 1 actors will be asked back for new roles.

This is good news for the actors who have expressed interest in returning to the series. Among them are Sarah Paulson and John Travolta, who both say they would jump at the chance to continue being a part of the FX drama (Cuba Gooding, Jr. also had a pretty good time on the show). Travolta actually was in New Orleans helping out after the Katrina and even stated a few months ago that he really wants to be signed on because the catastrophic event was "so close to home" for him. While Sarah Paulson doesn't have any personal history with Katrina, she does have a long track record working on some of Ryan Murphy's other shows. She popped up in an episode of Nip/Tuck and starred in seasons of American Horror Story and American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.

Casting has yet to be underway for Season 2, but we totally buy that the FX drama would sign on both of these heavy hitters to return, provided there are parts for both of them. (We wouldn't even be shocked if parts were written for both of them.) The format has worked exceptionally well for American Horror Story, which also airs on FX, and building a show brand out of high-end actors and actresses is something that not all networks are able to do.

American Crime Story Season 2 hasn't had a premiere date, yet. However, clearly the show is moving forward pretty quickly for Season 2 and we'll let you know as soon as the cast is announced. In the meantime, you can see what else FX and the other networks have coming up with our summer TV premiere schedule.

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