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What Ended Up Happening To Buster After His Last Stand On MythBusters

Buster Adam Savage MythBusters finale

MythBusters was one of the most consistently fun shows on Discovery. The series clocked in 2,950 experiments over 14 seasons and 248 episodes as co-hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman did their best to debunk popular myths. Sadly, MythBusters came to an end earlier this year, and legendary crash test dummy Buster did not survive his final experiment. The one bright side of the poor dummy's demise is that his contributions to science have not been forgotten. According to Adam Savage, Buster got the end he earned after his hard work over 14 seasons.

There's an international church of Buster because he's been resurrected so many times... We put him on a rocket sled, accelerated him to the speed of sound and ran him into a brick wall. And you can see fire at the outline. There's so much friction between him and the concrete wall that things catch fire, which is astounding. We found about 20 pounds worth of Buster chunks. We never found his rib cage, his head, his pelvis. We never found the largest portions of him. We think he is pretty much vaporized. And that's right and proper. Buster deserved to go out that way.

Obituaries are never easy to write, and Adam Savage's remarks to CNET seem somewhat cavalier at first considering all the hours that he and Buster put in together on MythBusters. Still, it's hard to imagine a Buster that could have endured a life without explosions and blasts and crashes after his time on MythBusters. He might not have been able to come home to a quiet life after all of the work he put in with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Going out in a literal and damn epic blaze of glory is no less than what he deserved. If you're in need of some closure, check out the clip of Buster's final rocket ride:

After watching Buster's vaporization, it's especially nice to know Adam Savage acknowledges that Buster deserves some kind of church dedicated to his memory. He came back from grievous injuries so many times that there had to be something divine at work.

If not for the chunks of Buster that blew through the brick wall, the more whimsical among us might have been able to believe that he'd fallen through a hole in time or into Narnia or a Pensieve. He's pretty clearly vaporized when he hits that wall, and it's pretty awesome as far as final acts go. Given the major accident the hosts always worried about, Buster's lucky he remained a figure on the show long enough to ultimately rest in pieces in the final season.

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