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wildfire king's landing season 6

Spoilers for the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones are all over this article. If you haven't caught the episode, yet, and would like to be surprised, go ahead and hop out of this one right now!

Game Of Thrones' Margaery Tyrell had a really great run on the HBO drama, especially considering her character is only a minor one in the books. While it seemed she had a grip on the High Sparrow and was figuring out a way to gain more power and control through Season 6, she was soundly and swiftly beaten by Cersei Lannister during the finale. Her character was killed off in a blaze of wildfire, and this week actress Natalie Dormer has spoken out about how she feels about the big scene. Here's what she had to say:

It seemed an exciting, fitting way to depart. Margaery's been battling Cersei for the last however many years and she ends up dying on the show not because she didn't beat Cersei, but because she trusted that someone else---the Sparrow---was handling her. She had the reins taken away from her, from being in control of the situation; the High Sparrow took the reins and it proves that he underestimated Cersei in a way that Margaery never would have.

Obviously, there aren't many actors and actresses out there who are going to complain about being killed off of a TV series, but Margaery really did get an exciting scene to end her run on the popular series. We've seen wildfire before, during The Battle of the Blackwater, but the way that the green fire tunneled through the city, exploding in the middle of the trial was both stunning and horrifying. Just before it happened, Margaery realized the truth of what Cersei had up her sleeve and why she hadn't bothered to show up for her trial. Natalie Dormer told Harper's Bazaar that moment was particularly intriguing to play on the small screen.

There's a moment before Margaery and the High Sparrow die when they look at each other and Margaery realizes that Cersei has outplayed him and she's gonna die because of that. There's this moment that Jonathan Pryce gives as well; this look on his face when he realizes he's been outplayed by Cersei. Margaery is a fatality of the High Sparrow underestimating Cersei.

The scene was not so great for Margaery Tyrell shippers, as it means the lady's scheming through all of Season 6 was for naught. Natalie Dormer later told other outlets that she had a few other projects in the pipelines, so clearly she wasn't super heartbroken over getting the call. However, Margaery has always been a fan-favorite character, and losing her should have serious ramifications in Season 7, as her Grandmother Olenna Tyrell is still around and ready to call some shots, heading to Dorne toward the end of the Season 6 finale.

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Clearly, Cersei's schemes won't be without ramifications. We have no idea how long she'll be able to hold onto the crown and King's Landing, especially since Jon Snow is rising up, the Dornish Sand Snakes are scheming in the South, and Dany finally has the ships to take on Westeros. We'll have to wait and see how the whole things pans out, and we're only expecting about 13 episodes before the series finally finishes.

"The Winds of Winter" was the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones. Luckily, the drama has already been renewed for Season 7 and you can find out what we know about the upcoming episodes here.