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Spoilers are all over this Game of Thrones article. If you haven't caught the episode, yet, what are you waiting for? It's totally worth it.

This weekend's Season 6 finale started out quietly, but soon turned into a bloodbath of epic proportions---at least in King's Landing. Cersei, having no intention of submitting to the High Sparrow's will once more, instead chose to take the wildfire hidden under the city and blow the Sept---where the trials were being held---up. She quietly pulled those she cared about from the castle before she made her big decision, but ultimately not everyone was so lucky. This week, Dean-Charles Chapman, who played Tommen on the hit series, revealed that one very popular Game of Thrones character may not have made it out. That's right, it looks as if fate has been cruel to Ser Pounce. Here's what Chapman had to say:

He probably got a girlfriend and got married... And probably got caught up in the Sept blast, unfortunately.

The first part of the comment Dean-Charles Chapman made to Making Game Of Thrones wasn't so bad. Many of us have been wondering what has happened to Ser Pounce since he stole a scene---and our hearts---in Season 4. In the time since, Dean-Charles Chapman has said Ser Pounce is a bit of a diva and has probably been doing a lot of sunbathing since he first hit the small screen. However, Ser Pounce's young life seems to have been cut short by Cersei's scheming, and while neither the director or the showrunners have confirmed the cat's downfall, his fate is looking pretty grim.

ser pounce rip

Even if Ser Pounce would have survived, who would be around to take care of him? Margaery realized Cersei had a plan, but the Sparrows wouldn't let her leave the Sept, causing her death. So, she no longer around to deal with the diva cat. Although Tommen was whisked away from the city by his mother's bodyguard The Mountain, he was despondent when he saw the green wildfire envelop the building his wife was in. He quietly took off of his crown and stepped out of a high window, committing suicide. There's no one left to take care of the cat even if Ser Pounce was scrappy and escaped into the streets. He'd simply be an alleycat, now.

That's a long, hard fall for a cat who was given the moniker Ser and thought pretty highly of himself. The good news? Now that Dean-Charles Chapman has announced that Ser Pounce probably bit the dust, it will hopefully prevent other journalists and fans from asking about the beloved cat in nearly every interview he gives.

So, rest in peace, Ser Pounce. May you dream of long naps and sunny windowsills.

Game of Thrones will return for Season 7 next spring. Find out what we know about the upcoming episodes here.

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