Legends Of Tomorrow's Brandon Routh Just Made A Supergirl Crossover Absolutely Necessary

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Outside of the spinoff-filled procedural universes that Dick Wolf built up on NBC, nowhere on TV is better equipped to put forth fan-pleasing crossovers than the CW's DC shows, and it's only going to get bigger and bolder in the upcoming fall season. Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh was asked for his thoughts on Supergirl's recent casting of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman on Supergirl, and his response pretty much necessitates a future crossover between the two shows.

I wish him the best and hope to meet him if Ray gets to crossover to Supergirl! :)

If somebody can get me a hold of a boombox, I will go and stand outside the offices of Greg Berlanti and the rest while the Superman theme blasts out of the speakers. Some of the most fun aspects of The CW's comic book shows come when the writers decide to pay homage to the subgenre's pop culture impact through different references and easter eggs. And what could be cooler in this particular case than having TV's newest version of the Man of Steel sharing screentime with the star of 2006's Superman Returns?

Oh, probably by having Supergirl's Dean Cain, who played Supes in Lois & Clark in the 1990s, also appearing in that scene. And then if Henry Cavill and Tom Welling would walk through while having a conversation as one of Christopher Reeve's other movies played in the background, well that all would probably be cooler. But we take what we can get from these things, and having just two past and present Superman actors in the same scene will work.

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Brandon Routh, who was answering a fan for a Reddit AMA, wasn't even going far outside the realms of reality in bringing up that potential meet-up between Ray Palmer and Kal-el. After all, Supergirl's new home at The CW gives the former CBS drama a much better chance for temporary character swaps than it had in the past, when it took some effort to get The Flash in the Girl of Steel's world. And we know we're getting a mega-crossover that will slam all four shows' characters together, so even if Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl aren't part of an exclusive crossover pairing, maybe the writers can slip a wink-wink scene with Routh and Hoechlin into the overall mash-up.

While Supergirl had previously made claims that Superman wouldn't be a part of the show as a major force, the iconic comic hero creeped through Season 1 in different ways, and Season 2 will be the first time we get a face-to-face look at an adult version. Legends of Tomorrow had no such arbitrary rules over what characters would be introduced, and the time-traveling drama has had zero problems bringing characters into and out of the action with reckless abandon. Maybe one of those fleeting peeps will be Superman at some point.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 will premiere on Thursday, October 13, while Supergirl will debut its own Season 2 on Monday, October 9, both on The CW.

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