Game Of Thrones' Sophie Turner Made A Wonderful Ramsay Bolton Joke

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There are Game of Thrones Season 6 finale spoilers all over this article. So, if you haven't caught the episode, yet, consider yourself warned!

Sansa Stark has dealt with a lot of horrible things since HBO's hit fantasy drama first hit the schedule. During Season 5, she worked with Littlefinger to ally herself with the Boltons, but soon learned that marrying Ramsay Bolton was a huge mistake. He brutalized her until she managed to escape, and while Sansa Stark got her revenge, actress Sophie Turner isn't quite over the horrors she had to act out on the small screen. The good news? She is willing to joke about them. Here's a recent Ramsay-oriented social media post she shared:

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A lot of the names in the Game of Thrones universe are unique names or are takes on names in Western culture, like Petyr or Jaime. Amusingly, Ramsay is a real last name that exists and popular TV personality Gordan Ramsay has several shows on the air right now, including Hotel Hell. Unfortunately, the popular TV personality's show hit a little too close to home for Sansa, and we love her cheeky sense of humor in the Instagram post. Of course, the time Sansa spent with Ramsay was in Winterfell, but it might as well have been the hotel from hell. Certainly, the hell part is apt.

Sophie Turner's character spent plenty of time with Ramsay Bolton during Season 5 of Game of Thrones and a little bit during Season 6. All of Ramsay's comments, threats and brutalization certainly made an impression on Sansa, to the point where she decided to get revenge after she and Jon Snow one "The Battle of the Bastards" during Episode 9. Ramsay had been locked up near his hungry, hungry dogs and she eventually let them loose, and walked away as they ate him alive. But first, Ramsay said some intense things to say to his wife, including the following horrific comment:

You can't kill me, I'm part of you.

While many people believed he was referring to a potential pregnancy, those close to the show have debunked the rumors in the time since, noting the wonky timeline on the show meant that Sansa had spent months away from Ramsay by the time the battle happened, and probably would have been showing. Instead, he simply meant that Sansa will never be able to forget Ramsay or the horrible way he treated her. That seemed to amuse him, but it also led to his death at the hands of his wife. In the same way, Sophie Turner's character will always be remembered on Game of Thrones for her big wedding scene and the way her character handled Ramsay Bolton when he was at her mercy

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