The 7 Most WTF Moments From Game Of Thrones' Battle Of The Bastards

jon snow suffocate

Game of Thrones has already featured a lot of crazy moments during Season 6. From characters returning to new villain Euron Greyjoy being introduced, it's been a pretty eventful season. However, none of the events so far have been quite as epic as Sunday's episode "The Battle of the Bastards." The episode saw Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton face off for the first and last time. You can check out the most WTF moments from the crazy episode, below. (Spoilers ahead, obviously.)

rickon dies game of thrones

Rickon's Horrible Death

Game of Thrones spent a lot of time setting up for Rickon's death in Episode 9. We knew that Ramsay Bolton would have some sick trick up his sleeve, but most of us were not expecting him to allow the boy to run, only to shoot arrows at him after he got a brief head start. Once Rickon began his brave but unlikely escape, we basically knew it was the end for the character, but it didn't make the moment any less messed up.

jon snow suffocate

Jon Snow Nearly Suffocates To Death

At this point, I think we all can agree that the battle sequences in "The Battle of the Bastards" were extremely well done. They were also strategized by Ramsay Bolton, who forced Snow's hand when he killed Rickon. However, the most WTF moment probably occurred when Ramsay's men surrounded Jon Snow's, pushing them together until they were nearly suffocating to death. The moment was horrible, and if Sansa hadn't come through with Littlefinger's men at the last second, it would have been one of the most memorable---and awful---bits of imagery the show ever offered.

dany dragons

Dany Unleashing Her Dragons On Her Enemies

Dany has spent a little time with Drogon this season, but he's mostly served as her mode of transportation. At least until this weekend, when not one but all three of her dragons were unleashed. She gave them permission to stop the siege and destroy ships and the fire they unleashed was insane. In another episode, this would have been the big moment, but in the episode that also featured the big battle between two bastards, it was only one of the WTF moments.

ramsay bolton face bash

Jon Snow Beats Up Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay getting killed off was a long time coming. During Episode 9, it seemed that he would live on for a while. His army pounded Jon Snow's until the cavalry from The Vale showed up. But even then, Ramsay's fate wasn't certain. He walled himself in at Winterfell. It took some work from Wun Wun to get Jon Snow in the room, but after Ramsay shot an arrow into the giant's eye, all of the rage Jon Snow had been reserving for Ramsay came out. He beat him to a bloody pulp. He beat him over and over again. It's was nice to see the hero have a moment of unrepentant rage. It was also one of the most memorable moments from the series.

ramsay bolton eaten

Ramsay Gets Eaten By His Pet Hounds

Part 2 of Ramsay's ultimate downfall involved Jon Snow handing Ramsay Bolton over to Sansa Stark. She had him tied to a chair and had a satisfying conversation before she set his very, very hungry hounds on him. We didn't see Ramsay actually die, but we did see one of his dogs eat a chunk of his face. That image is going to be burned into my brain forever.

wun wun dies

Wun Wun's Final Stand

The wildlings had a lot of big moments during the episode. Both Wun Wun and Tormand took down a slew of foes during the battle, and Wun Wun enabled Jon Snow to enter Winterfell and challenge Ramsay. Unfortunately, we already knew that Ramsay was a crack shot with a bow, and he shot one in Wun Wun's eye, effectively ending his life. It was a hell of a way to go, though.

sansa and littlefinger

Sansa Fails To Tell Jon Snow About Her Side Plans

Sansa spent a lot of time trying to explain to Jon Snow that she was a person who could create plans. However, it was clear that Jon felt his strategy worked best, and he was fairly uninterested in what Sansa had to say, despite the fact that she called Ramsay killing Rickon before the battle even started. With that in mind, it's no wonder she failed to tell Jon Snow that soldiers from The Vale might come through. Littlefinger's men turned the tide in a big way, but Jon shot her a look of pure anger after he nearly died due to not having all of the information.

There are sure to be other big moments during next week's finale, so be sure to tune in when Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET. You can also check out what we know about the already renewed Season 7 here.

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