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This season of Game of Thrones was pretty much the craziest yet. HBO gave longterm fans a ton of payoffs including bringing back long lost characters, epic battles, and by killing off a total of 11 named characters in the season finale. One of the most outstanding moments from Season 6 was the penultimate episode "Battle of the Bastards", where we were shown the first real medieval battle that Game has ever had. Following Jon Snow's perspective through the chaos, some of the most suspenseful television of all time was aired, captivating the audience and giving us a fair amount of anxiety for the safety of everyone's favorite bastard.

So how exactly did the folks at Game of Thrones make such an epic battle happen? A new video was just released which shows the technology and visual effects used to bring the Battle of the Bastards to the small screen. Check it out.

Pretty awesome right? Now that this is much of a surprise, but it appears that a shit ton of work went into creating Game of Thrones' craziest battle. Let's break down exactly what we were shown with this cool AF video.

I found the most interesting aspect of this video to be how practical and visual effects were combined to create the chaos of war. While many movies and shows which contain tons of action rely solely on visual effects, Game of Thrones started with actual actors and stunt people. During the above video, we were shown how each chaotic shot began first with physical bodies performing particular fight choreography. From there, Australian visual effects company Iloura stepped in to create the stunning effects. Lines of soldiers were duplicated, resulting in large armies being present on both sides of the battle. Additionally, Ramsay's burning flayed men which flanked the field were added in post, in case the audience forgot how terrible the Bolton bastard was.

At around the 1 minute mark of the video, we were given insight on probably the most exciting sequence of the episode. Halfway through "Battle of the Bastards" we were shown a long shot, which followed Jon Snow has he fought his way through the first wave of battle. He took out horses, dodged arrows, used enemies as human shields, and killed a ton of Bolton soldiers. This moment was perhaps the most suspenseful moment, as the audience worried how Jon would possibly make it out of there with all of his limbs. It turns out that the shot was originally much less crazy, with only a fraction of Jon's enemies being present as actor Kit Harrington made his way through the battle. The rest of the effects were added in post, as arrows landed all around Jon and considerably more forces and horses were added to the battle.

What did you think of the video? Did it make "Battle of the Bastards" more or less enjoyable? Sound off in the comments below.

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