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Maybe one of the greatest thrills of going to a baseball game is the possibility of getting to catch a fly ball. Some hopeful fans bring their gloves with them to every game in case a ball comes their way, so it won't sting their hands like the dickens. If you don't have your glove with you then you're going to have to improvise, which is exactly what this lady did when a foul ball came flying her way. Instead of blocking it with her hands, she used the only thing that was available: her snacks.

This Vine comes from the official account of Major League Baseball, which has no shame in showcasing this woman's faux pas. So, a foul ball is heading straight for this lady and if she did nothing it'd probably hit her right on the head. It doesn't seem like she has any desire to catch the ball; she just doesn't want to get hit in the face. And in that regard, her mission was accomplished. How she does that is the best, though.

Blocking the ball with her snack tray is a pretty instinctual move. She saves herself, but causes lots of collateral damage in the process: her snack and drinks go everywhere, dousing herself and the people around her. After several minutes of watching, I'm pretty positive she was having french fries and a beer, which presumably just made everyone feel sticky.

Maybe the best part of this video is her and the sportscasters' reactions. They laugh pretty good-naturedly about the whole thing, as if they just watched Major League. The woman looks like she had no idea her food would explode if it was it by a foul ball powered by gravity and the kid above her also looks like he doesn't know what happened. He got his arm soaked after trying to steal the ball from her, which is what he deserves for reaching over like that to poach a ball. If only that lady had an Angel in the Outfield looking out for her.

This woman definitely wasn't in a League of Their Own. This moment reminds me of The Naked Gun, which has one of my favorite baseball moments in movies. Leslie Nielsen goes undercover in a baseball game to find an assassin trying to kill the Queen of England. It has nothing to do with the above Vine, except that it's a funny baseball moment.

What's your favorite baseball moment in movies? Field of Dreams? Bad News Bears? There's no shortage to choose from. Sound off in the comments below.

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