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America's Got Talent is a reality TV competition show that constantly keeps its audience on their toes. Because the series covers talents of all shapes and sizes, rather than simply just singing or dancing, viewers have the opportunity to see some shows and talents that they normally would not be able to. For instance, most of us would probably never expect a professional football player to regale us with some slight of hand magic, but that seems to be exactly what happened on the most recent episode of NBC's crazy talent show.

Jon Dorenbos, a long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles, recently appeared on America's Got Talent and his magic trick landed in a major way. Check it out below.

That's right, recording artist Ne-Yo has taken a major leap of faith, and used his golden buzzer to ensure that Jon Dorenbos would be moving on, skipping forward to the quarterfinals in New York's Radio City Music Hall. The golden buzzer got hit, confetti shot out into the air, and the audience's minds were collectively blown. Now that's good TV.

Jon Dorenbos' magic trick was truly something I've never seen before, and it just kept us guessing. It began as a relatively predictable card trick, where the magician asks an unknowing participant to chose a card from a deck. But rather than being predictable, the Eagles player already begins to break the mold and keep the audience on their toes by using oversized novelty cards. This isn't entirely remarkable, until later.

From there, Ne-Yo chose a card at random, even going so far as to ask for another one in order to avoid any trickery or rigged possibilities. He grabs his card, and Jon Dorebos starts really messing with the judges, showing off a quick wit which presumably aided in his glorious victory. The athlete turned magician drew a card on a large piece of paper, claiming he would be drawing the one Ne-Yo had chosen. Of course, he choses incorrectly, and then backpedals into history. Dorebos clarifies that he actually just drew a deck of cards, and that Ne-Yo's card was actually inside the deck. That's when the true magic happens.

Remarkably, we see the drawing change, as a single card drawing ascends out of the deck. And that card was the one Ne-Yo had chosen all along. Mind. Blown.

America's Got Talent Jon Dorenbos

While Jon Dorenbos' magic trick was awesome and certainly great television, it was Ne-Yo's reaction that truly made history here. Out of nowhere, he pressed down upon his golden buzzer, and Dorenbos was elevated far into the competition.

Golden buzzers, which were introduced a few seasons ago, allow one judge to fast track a contestant's journey straight into the semifinals. Ne-Yo's use of the device made history, at least for this season. Almost all other uses of the golden buzzer were used on singers who wowed the panel of music professional judges. We saw mini T-Swift get buzzed into glory, as well as another handful of young talented singers under the age of 21. Ne-Yo using his golden buzzer on a magic trick, especially one performed by a professional athlete, truly came out of nowhere. Although since the singer was the one grabbing cards, he did have a particularly special experience.

Did Jon Dorenbos' magic blow your mind? Should Ne-Yo have saved his buzzer for another time? Sound off in the comments below.

America's Got Talent airs Tuesday nights on NBC.