Star Trek Creator's Son Has A Sci-Fi TV Show Coming That Sounds Awesome

If you're excited about the new Star Trek series CBS is putting together for next year, then you might be interested to hear that Gene Roddenberry's son is working on a new sci-fi show that sounds pretty damn cool.

A report from Deadline today says that Rod Roddenberry is currently developing a TV series that was optioned from his Roddenberry Entertainment by Storyoscopic Films. The show, currently called Holoscape, is looking to fill the sci-fi void left when the last Trek show, Enterprise, left the air in 2005. Roddenberry's new project is being billed as something that will have an international appeal and feature a great amount of diversity in the scope of the show, as well as the characters and casting. It's still quite early in the development process for the show, so we don't have any idea what the characters or casting will be like for the new series, but we do know what the basic outline of the show will entail.

Holoscape is being planned as a show set in the dystopian future during the aftermath of World War III. The Holoscape is an artifact of immense power and mystery that was used during the war in some way. Using this device, a band of young survivors of the war realize that they were unknowingly part of a far-reaching conspiracy that has controlled the destiny of mankind. The group is soon given the chance to escape from their present circumstances and, also, save the future of humanity.

Even though all the Trek shows focused on space exploration and the adventure and conflicts that might come out of it, Holoscape won't be a total departure for Roddenberry Entertainment. The production company has tackled a variety of other sci-fi projects. The company was also behind the television series Earth Final Conflict, which had a much more enigmatic storyline than the more well known Star Trek projects, Andromeda and Days Missing, as well as the short films Instant and White Room.

Rod Roddenberry has been the CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment since 2001, after working on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Earth Final Conflict for one season each. Along with leading the company to develop the work began by his father, Roddenberry has helped the organization develop sci-fi properties that also include comics and documentaries. He also serves as the consulting producer for the fan-created YouTube web series Star Trek: New Voyages, which began in 2004. Earlier this year it was announced that Roddenberry would serve as an executive producer on the new CBS All Access Star Trek series set to debut in 2017.

Well, Holoscape certainly sounds intriguing, and way more mysterious than I remember any of the five Star Trek shows being. Are you looking forward to seeing Holoscape before too long? Let us know in the comments.

Adrienne Jones
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