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Watch Stephen Colbert Crash The Republican National Convention In True Colbert Style

When Stephen Colbert made it clear he was going to be doing something a little different for The Late Show's coverage of the Republican National Convention, it didn't take much of an imaginative leap to assume that he'd try some particularly ridiculous antics. And such an antic occurred yesterday, when the Hunger Games-inspired comedian crashed the main stage as things were getting organized, no doubt taping a bit for The Late Show. Check it out, and you might want to turn your speakers up.

Stephen Colbert recently insinuated that the world was not yet finished with the side of his personality that was behind Comedy Central's The Colbert Report for so many years, and showing up at an event unannounced while dressed like The Hunger Games' Caesar Flickerman is something more naturally befitting his pundit side than his esteemed late night host side.

With a blue wig, a smart black suit and a furry mate in his arm, Colbert popped up on the stage on Sunday as organizers were getting things in order, pretending to black out as soon as he began talking about Indiana governor Mike Pence. He then declared it to be the beginning of the "2016 Republican National Hungry for Power Games," a phrase Late Show fans have heard before, and it's then when security guards showed up to take him off the stage. Of course, he gets off one last barb against Donald Trump, because he always has the last word.

Colbert had previously teased his colorfully coifed hijinks on Twitter.

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Joining in on the fun in some capacity is Jon Stewart, who will appear on The Late Show Monday night. So if you hear about Trump getting kidnapped or something, expect Stewart to deny everything and have a firm alibi.

Colbert also popped up elsewhere at the convention while filming footage for his show. And The Late Show has other ways of keeping audiences entertained, such as by showing them what's happening to all the ketchup and mustard at the RNC. Inquiring minds need to know!

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The Late Show will be running live episodes during both weeks of political conventions, with many interesting guests set to pop by. The show isn't doing so amazing in the ratings, as it continues to sort things out behind the scenes on the creative side of things. So here's hoping the bipartisan condiments tables are going to take late night TV by storm in the near future.

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