The First Luke Cage Trailer Is Here And It's Incredible

Normally, when a show is coming out that has a huge amount of anticipation attached to it, a studio or network is quick to give fans as many teasers and tastes as they can stand. But that's not at all how it went for Netflix, as the company is only now releasing the first trailer for Marvel's Luke Cage, barely two months before it's set to premiere. No bad blood, though, as the footage is amazing enough to forgive everyone immediately.

Netflix must have been feeling might generous with Comic-Con fans, as Luke Cage got not only the skull-pounding trailer seen above, but also a sizzle reel that you can find below. Basically, it's an embarrassment of riches for our action-addled brains to go kablooey over.

We get to see Mike Colter back in action as the titular beast, who gets to show off his skills a lot more now that he's not Jessica Jones' second banana. And he's got lots of skills, guys. And he likes it raw, yeah, baby, he likes raw. Never a guy like that around when I'm moving, but at least he's there for his city.

Beyond that killa song popping through the speakers, the trailer also gives us a nice little non-villainous peek at from the trailer include the villainous Cottonmouth Stokes, played with some brilliantly white teeth by Mahershala Ali. He's known for Netflix's House of Cards, but I'm hoping that this becomes his biggest break yet. Assuming he lives to see Season 2. Assuming there's a Season 2. (Daredevil just got a third season, so it's possible.)

You'll find a sizzle reel below that smashes together scenes from Marvel's first two streaming shows, as well as a healthy chunk of new shit from Luke Cage. New shit like this dude getting his hand crushed all up on Luke Cage's unbreakable face. Yes! I mean,it sucks for that dude, but it's fab for viewers.

luke cage hand crush

In Luke Cage, our hard-headed hero will head back to his hometown to try and rebuild what he'd lost, but he soon becomes a fugitive and a victim of his own past. He's got the strength to do some major damage, but it will take more than just muscles to keep him safe from the dangers lurking. The show will also star Alfre Woodard, Frank Whaley, Theo Rossi and Simone Missick.

Now don't waste any more time before checking out the sizzle reel below.

Luke Cage is set to debut on Netflix on Friday, September 30. Get some ice ready for your knuckles first, though, as you might feel some sympathy pains for everyone the hero faces. To see everything else headed to Netflix this year, check out our premiere schedule.

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