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When Barry first took on his Flash powers thanks to the particle accelerator explosion, he was immediately thrown into battle with his future-nemesis Reverse-Flash, and later faced the dimension-crossing Zoom in Season 2. As if those two big bads weren't awful enough, the Scarlet Speedster also had to take down a host of metahumans, and that particular aspect of Central City will most certainly be intact when Season 3 begins, but there will be one big difference. Speaking with Cinema Blend and other press outlets at Comic-Con, The Flash star Grant Gustin had this to say about next season's villains-of-the-week.

We're seeing a lot of new metahumans that the first year was everyone showing up because of the particle accelerator exploding, and then in the second yeah it was Zoom bringing them through the breach. This year, metahumans are showing up for a completely different reason. So we're meeting a lot of new ones initially.

Well now. We knew that the introduction of Flashpoint was going to cause some major ripples in The Flash - and we know what a couple of those things are - but I honestly hadn't given much thought to what the whole metahuman situation was going to be like in a present-day timeline where Nora and Henry Allen are both alive and well and loving up on their son Barry. I kinda just wanted to live in the happiness, you know? But evil is never far away from that city, and it's quite interesting to hear that the show's recurring foes will have a new origin story when Season 3 kicks off.

This entire altered timeline isn't so much of a change of pace on a show that's seen similar instances, but Barry's decision to save his mom will have an immeasurable impact on the world around them, as well as the villainous personalities that world brings out. If Reverse-Flash is trapped by Barry, as we saw he was in the awesome new trailer, then he wasn't able to take over Harrison Wells' body and move up the production of the particle accelerator, so that won't be creating any metahumans. And our mild-mannered hero never would have attracted the attention and ire of Zoom without becoming The Flash in the first place, so that's out, too. What else can happen that will cause Central City to once again be overrun by men and women sporting abilities and weapons that are only meant to put others in danger?

Whatever it is, even if it's just an explosion on Earth-3 or some pixie dust from a magic fairy, I hope that we still get to hang out with this crazy bastard again.

the flash trickster

Of course, Flashpoint won't last forever (or possibly even a handful of episodes), and the already baffling status quo of Barry's life will return, presumably leaving those newly-formed metahumans in the past. But the past always comes back on this show, and nothing is left behind forever, so here's hoping these new metahumans are wacky as hell. The Flash will return to The CW for Season 3 on Tuesday, October 4.

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