Comic series have taken television by storm, and one of the most popular is The Flash on The CW. Speedster Barry Allen offered a lighter and happier brand of superhero than had been available on the small screen prior to the series' premiere in 2014, and the ratings have set and broken records for the relatively diminutive CW. Season 2 upped the ante on all fronts, ranging from breaking Barry's back to killing Barry's dad to sending Barry back in time to kick off the Flashpoint time paradox.

The great thing about The Flash is that it's really, really good when it's good. Unfortunately, there were some trends in Seasons 1 and 2 that were really, really not that good, and they need to change before Season 3 kicks off this fall. Keep reading for a look at eight things that need to change for the third season of The Flash.

Enough With The Speedsters

The Flash is fundamentally about a speedster, so of course the show is going to need to find villains and partners who can actually keep up with Barry in order to challenge him. That said, The Flash has introduced kind of a lot of speedsters other than Barry as of the end of Season 2. Both of his supervillains so far have been speedsters. One of his villains of the week was a speedster. Henry Allen's Earth 3 doppelganger is a speedster. Flarrow-verse newcomer Supergirl has superspeed, and two of the new Season 2 characters are comic speedsters. There are plenty of other superpowers that can be introduced to threaten and/or help Barry without The Flash resorting to superspeed once more. Wally West and Jesse Quick can stay at normal speed for now.

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