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Kevin Smith for AMC's Geeking Out

Kevin Smith knows a thing or two about geeking out. In addition to being a prolific filmmaker and the leader of a podcast empire, the proud New Jersey native has established himself as an expert of all things pop culture, which is a talent he hopes to bring to his new television endeavor Geeking Out, which will air on AMC.

Saturday morning, in San Diego at Comic-Con, Kevin Smith and his Geeking Out co-host Greg Grunberg met with the media to educate us on the show -- which they described as SportsCenter for geeks -- and get people excited for the debut episode (which will be loaded with Comic-Con specific information). And in the process of the conversation -- which got a little long-winded, as Smith's talks often do -- he came around to the two celebrities he dreams of interviewing on the show: Ben Affleck and Steven Spielberg. The first name is a little self-deprecating, because this IS Kevin Smith, after all.

I know this is going to sound embarrassing, but Ben Affleck, at this point. [Laughs] We could have put that together really easily a couple of years ago. Not so much now.

That's hilarious because some would say that Kevin Smith helped make Ben Affleck into the star that he is. Affleck, back in the day, played characters in Smith's Mallrats and, later, Chasing Amy -- the movie that really gave both of the talents industry cred in the time of Miramax's rise to power. But while Smith's career diverged down different paths, Ben Affleck is the God Damn Batman now. So yeah, a guest spot on Geeking Out might be tough to pull off.

Ben Affleck as Batman

The other celebrity might be hard, too, but not impossible. Kevin Smith would love to interview Steven Spielberg. The candid director explained:

I think I'm ready to talk to Steven Spielberg. I've been in this business for 22 years. I've always been like... the man's a genius. He reinvented cinema for those of us who are a certain age. And I'm watching someone who is [Grunberg's] childhood friend [in J.J. Abrams] take over the mantle for Steven Spielberg. He's always been an amazing storyteller. ... I just love storytelling, in general, and he's a true master.

The concept of an entertainment and pop-culture-related program modeled after ESPN's SportsCenter isn't totally new or original, but with Kevin Smith putting weight behind it (no pun intended), this gives even casual fans more of a reason to tune in to at least see how the format works. AMC has made it clear that the show will kick off with a special episode dedicated to Comic-Con, and then will air eight more episodes later on this summer. And during our SDCC panel, Smith and Greg Grunberg confirmed that they managed to score Matt Damon and J.J. Abrams as their guests. "We exhausted all of our connections for this first show," Smith joked.

Geeking Out will premiere on AMC on Sunday, August 14. Go here for more details.

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