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Season 6 of American Horror Story will rain its entrails down on us in less than two months, and we're still pretty clueless when it comes to what the story will actually be about this time around. Thankfully, the horror anthology finally dropped a trio of teasers on fans that appear to clue audiences in on where Season 6 will take place, and there's a very heavy Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe happening here. Check each of them out in the video below.

So unless there's no real narrative connection involved with these "?"-filled teasers - which wouldn't make much sense especially when compared to teasers from seasons past - then it looks like Season 6 will take place within and around some kind of a farmhouse, likely in a location with few other signs of civilization around. Let's break them down one by one, shall we?

The first of the simplistic videos is the most blatant of the three when it comes to showing an actual location: a farmhouse with too much smoke pouring out of the chimney, set out in the middle of a wind-swept wheat field. And there's no mistaking the sound of the chainsaw that comes in at the end. I mean, that's almost too right on the nose (attached to one's face or otherwise). If we hear that Lady Gaga's character is someone called Featherface, the protests can begin.

Moving on, we get to a baby's nursery (or at least some room with a crib in it) where the child's mobile is made up of some non-standard pieces. Instead of cartoonish airplanes and animals, we have metal tools, such as a knife, a hooked blade and a hand-sized tiller, and they're connected to a heavy duty blade from some machine that I've never had to use before. That would seem to indicate something farm-related as well, right?

The third teaser is definitely more opaque than the first two in terms of location, and it's the one that shoots for unnerving viewers, with hands appearing from beneath steps as they try to grab someone's ankles. (My wife has an innate fear of people grabbing her feet, so I aim to play this for her at a particularly vulnerable point in her day. Shh.) Those definitely aren't the kind of steps you'll see in someone's home, so it's entirely possible that they're a part of a barn or even a slaughterhouse. The second one is far more likely.

So what do you guys think? Is American Horror Story taking the action out of the big city hotel and into the countryside farmhouse? Whether we're watching people with masks made of skin or just some good old American farmers getting pigs ready for the sausage-making - or something else entirely - American Horror Story Season 6 is set to premiere on FX on Wednesday, September 14. To see when everything else will hit the small screen this fall, check out our TV premiere schedule.

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