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It's hard to believe that the season finale of Game of Thrones' sixth season was just over a month ago. Fans are still reeling from all of the chaos, deaths, and payoffs that happened during the latest season of the HBO drama, myself included. And while some fans may argue that the show has been catering too much to the fans, it seems that it is all happening for a reason: Game of Thrones is ending real soon.

While it's been heavily hinted at throughout Season 6's release and run, it's now official. HBO will be ending Game of Thrones after Season 8. This confirmation comes to us courtesy of EW, which asked HBO programming president Casey Bloys if the statements and rumors regarding the series' final seasons were factual. He said the following at the Television Critics Association's press tour:

Yes, they have a very specific plan about the number of seasons they want to do. Believe me, as the new [programming executive] coming in, if I could get them to do more. I would take 10 more seasons. But we take their lead on what they think they can do the best version of the show.

There we go, people. We officially have two more season of Game of Thrones before the adventures of the Westerosi presumably disappear from our Sunday night TV schedule forever. But as much as I'd love to see more of Dany, Sansa, and the whole crew for years to come, I'm glad that a definitive ending will be planned and followed through on, presumably giving us a satisfying series finale.

Game of Thrones' showrunners had been heavily hinting at two more season for the fantasy series. They've voiced this in both interviews as well as how quick to kill off major characters they were in Season 6. When you killed off 11 named characters in one episode, it's clear that the end is coming.

Regarding the amount of episodes in each season, Casey Bloys remained tight-lipped. Although, we can be rest assured that neither season is likely to be the 10-episode length that Game of Thrones fans are accustomed to.

Casey Bloys also addressed the possibility of a Game of Thrones spinoff. With George R.R. Martin's world containing a long history that happened before the first episode of Game aired, there are certainly a ton of stories to be explored. Regarding the possibility of a spinoff, he said the following:

We've talked about it. It's something I'm not opposed to, but of course it has to make sense creatively. I'm not sure that [Benioff and Weiss] could really wrap their heads around it when they're just about to start production [on season 7]. It's a pretty intense production, they're about to start production soon. I'm open to it. The guys weren't opposed to it, but there's no concrete plans for it at this point.

It looks like the folks behind Game of Thrones are going to focus on the rest of the original series before entertaining the idea of a spinoff, which is probably for the best.

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