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2016 has been a great year for fans of The X-Files. For a while, it looked like the last we'd ever get to see of Mulder and Scully was in the mediocre I Want to Believe feature film in 2008. Who could have guessed that we would get a Season 10 on Fox nearly fourteen years after the end of Season 9? Now, it looks like we just might get a Season 11 if the stars align. David Duchovny has found the cutest way ever to tease the possibility that he and Gillian Anderson will reprise the roles of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Check it out:

David Duchovny's birthday tweet to Gillian Anderson is enough to get any X-Files fan excited. News just broke that Fox has approached the actors about scheduling Season 11. Duchovny's tweet is fuel to the fire, and not just because of the fun "Fox" wordplay. If Gillian Anderson tweets "Not Fox, David. Mulder!" back at her co-lead, I'd say we'd be justified in freaking out just a little bit. Another reunion with Fox Mulder on the Fox network seems closer than ever.

The tweet definitely seems like a lighthearted nudge for Gillian Anderson to sign on for a Season 11. David Duchovny and Fox have both been enthusiastic for more of The X-Files in the future, even pushing for a higher episode count for the next season. Anderson has been much more reserved about donning Dana Scully's wig again. She currently lives in London with her children; filming an ongoing series in the United States or Canada would be rough for her. Then there's the fact that she was originally offered half of Duchovny's pay for Season 10. That slight could sting for a pretty long time.

Still, Season 10 ended in such a way that a Season 11 seemed destined. The finale featured a giant cliffhanger; surely the last episode ever couldn't be one that split up the dynamic duo. Even the disappointing Season 9 ended on a comparatively heartening note. Season 10 definitely felt like a season in an ongoing series than a miniseries event. Hopefully Gillian Anderson will sign on to come back yet again. David Duchovny certainly can't come back by himself. The X-Files may be about monsters and aliens and conspiracies, but Mulder and Scully together as believer and skeptic is what has made the franchise work for more than twenty years.

Only time will tell if David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be back for another round of The X-Files. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch while you wait, and feel free to whistle the X-Files theme song to your heart's delight.

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