The Weird Way Seinfeld Could Have Been Revived

Jerry Seinfeld

Despite the fact that almost 20 years have passed since we last heard the beautiful slap bass theme of NBC's Seinfeld, the series' legacy remains alive and well. The cynical adventures of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer have stood the test of time, and the show consistently capitalizes on our collective nostalgia through reruns of its 180 classic episodes. This begs one very important question: will we ever see a modern revival? According to Jerry Seinfeld: probably not, but he's received some seriously bizarre proposals. He elaborated:

No. But we did have an offer --- I won't say who from --- to do a new, live episode of Seinfeld on TV.

During a recent interview with THR, Jerry Seinfeld opened up and revealed that he will likely never press forward with a Seinfeld reunion episode, but that hasn't stopped various people from making offers over the years. One such offer from a mysterious source pitched a possible revival that would reassemble the entire cast for a live episode. As a classic multi-camera sitcom originally filmed in front of a live audience, the logic behind the offer makes plenty of sense. Ultimately, however, it seems that Seinfeld declined and opted against such a stunt; after all, Seinfeld made him enough money as it is.

It's probably for the best that the cast of Seinfeld never reassembled for a live episode of the iconic series. Across the board the cast always delivered laughs, but some of them (particularly Jerry Seinfeld himself) often visibly cracked up during the numerous takes. Reuniting these actors for a Seinfeld revival without the advantage of editing out Jerry's smiles and laughter would likely make it incredibly difficult to perform.

While we never received a proper Seinfeld revival -- and in all likelihood we probably never will -- the cast still reassembled for a pseudo-reunion back in 2009. An entire season of Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm centered on a fictional reunion episode of the show about nothing, and although it wasn't a full episode, it still delivered plenty of laughs in perfect Seinfeld fashion. Check out the clip from Curb below to see for yourself:

Although Jerry Seinfeld doesn't seem to have any interest in getting the band back together any time soon, he still seems to have a very acute understanding of the show's legacy -- even if he doesn't watch its reruns. Later in his interview with THR he acknowledged that it's difficult for him to view the series these days, even though he knows that it's a hilarious show. He said:

I really should. I don't know why it makes me so uncomfortable. Whenever I see a clip of it, I think, 'This is a very funny show.'

We can't even begin to describe how much we agree with you, Mr. Seinfeld. Maybe one day Jerry Seinfeld and the folks at NBC will change their minds and give us a reunion episode. Until then a hypothetical revival will remain much like Cosmo Kramer's good friend Bob Sacamano -- talked about, but never seen. Make sure to check out our fall premiere schedule for more information concerning all of the most highly anticipated TV premieres.

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