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How Sophie Turner Feels About Game Of Thrones Ending

Now that both the showrunners and HBO have confirmed there are only a couple of seasons of Game of Thrones left to air, everyone has started looking toward the end of the series. Even the cast has begun to think about what could be coming next, and for one Game of Thrones actress in particular, the end is going to be a bit of a downer. Here's what Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa on the hit HBO fantasy drama, had to say in a recent interview:

It's really sad. It's really uncomfortable to think about my life without Game of Thrones. Not only has it been like a family --- going to see a family every summer --- but it's also been a safety net. When I finish this I don't actually know what's going to happen. I might slip into a deep, deep depression because I won't know what to do with myself. It's going to be very strange. I feel people are going to miss it dearly.

Unlike some of the older actors on the series, Sophie Turner's career literally kicked off when she auditioned for the part of Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. The role ended up being her first big gig, and it has led to other parts in X-Men Apocalypse and the upcoming Berlin, I Love You. In a sense, the 20-year-old actress has never had a career that didn't involve filming Game of Thrones, and the support she gets from the set---not just monetarily but also physically from her cast family---is doubtless going to be sorely missed. No wonder she told Variety she's a bit uncomfortable with the whole idea.

She's also correct when she says that people will miss Game of Thrones. The HBO drama is one of the major players on television now, and makes other networks pretty envious by its ability to get its fans to want to show up and watch the episode live. The bonus to this is that there are plenty of water cooler moments for people to discuss over the next few days after the episode airs. These moments make Game of Thrones more of an event than other shows. It also contributes to the drama's continued popularity. It will be a sad day for a lot of people when the final episode airs.

On the bright side, that won't be happening tomorrow, or even next summer. A short time ago, we learned that Season 7 will feature fewer episodes than a normal season of Game of Thrones, but despite the shortened episode count, it won't be the last for the hit series. Season 8 is widely expected to be the final season of the drama, and even George R.R. Martin has started thinking ahead about where the ending is going. It's going to be a long time before those new episodes hit the schedule, but while we wait, you can check out what we know about Season 7.

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