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How McDreamy Accidentally Brought Up Erections On A Talk Show

grey's anatomy derek shepherd

As Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy, actor Patrick Dempsey was the source of some major heart-fluttering across millions of adoring fans. But it appears Dempsey doesn't always come across quite as super-suave as the error-avoiding surgeon. For instance, he and Renee Zellweger were promoting their new film Bridget Jones' Baby for an Australian morning show, and in trying to show off his local lingo, Dempsey accidentally used a slang term for a male erection.

Traveler. Traveler is a beer you travel with, right? I'm not supposed to say that? What's a traveler? Something completely different. Have I just alienated everybody in the country?

When it comes to moves, Dempsey's misuse of the world 'traveler' is about as smooth as a sandpaper condom. What he wasn't aware of is that the term is used to describe the arousal that one can get on public transportation, such as a bus or several other phallic-shaped vehicles. It's very unfortunate that the actor would get these two things mixed up, as he also had his hand held out as if he were holding a beer, which I'm sure you can imagine did nothing to stop the hosts from laughing uproariously.

I guess there are worse things that could happen to someone on a talk show than getting a beverage and a hard-on mixed up, so long as it was just figurative and not anything hands-on. (That would be a weird talk show, but probably a highly rated one.) What's almost more amusing is a short while later in the telecast, Dempsey leans over and asks what 'traveler' means, and after a host reveals it by whispering it into his ear, Dempsey's pasted-on smile doesn't change one iota. He tosses out a quick "Sorry," to anyone who could hear him and then dives into Zellweger's convo. It's kind of my favorite thing that I've seen on the Internet today.

The past year and a half or so have been quite different for Patrick Dempsey, who was killed off of Grey's Anatomy after some behind-the-scenes problems reportedly caused too much conflict. One would have thought he'd have found a new TV home by now, but he's obviously having a little fun on the big screen for the latest Bridget Jones sequel. Here's hoping the rest of this press tour goes well after that Today appearance, and that he doesn't end up calling the movie Dridget Bonerrrzzz's Baby or referring to his co-star as Renee Zell-wanker. I could probably do this all day, and the puns only get worse from here.

So just remember the next time you're at a cocktail party trying to impress someone with your knowledge of international slang, you might just be talking about someone's awkwardly timed erection. Which means you win the party to me.

Nick Venable

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