For a season that had a rocky start, to say the least, Big Brother has certainly given us some suspenseful moments this summer, and tonight's episode is no exception. Spoilers from Thursday's live eviction episode ahead!

Feed watchers were left hanging today, as the Big Brother live feeds cut out not long after James was seriously contemplating evicting Corey. As we saw in tonight's episode, Paul devised a plan to make the houseguests think he and Victor were falling out, and that he was buddying up to Nicole and Corey. If they thought Paul planned to float his way over to that duo, maybe James, Natalie and Michelle would panic and shift their plan to get Corey out instead.

It almost worked. James was speculating on whether Paul and Victor's supposed falling out might be a ploy, so it's possible he decided to play it safe and evict Victor. But if I were guessing as to why he decided to vote Victor out, I'd say it has something to do with his loyalty to Nicole. There's been chatter among fans that the two returners might have some quiet deal to have each other's backs this season. Whether or not that's actually the case, who knows? But James has been consistently on Nicole's side throughout the season.

As much as I wanted to see James flip and send Corey out, let's face it, it wouldn't have been a great move for his game. Then again, being the swing vote this week wasn't a great opportunity for him, as it really put him in the spotlight, and forced him to show his hand. That is, assuming anyone's noticing.

So Victor was evicted again, this time by a vote of two to one. And he soon learned that he would get yet another chance to win his way back into the house.

I wasn't Team Victor last time around, but I'm hoping he pulls out another win tonight. He's got a bit of an ego, and he's not the best gamer in the social sense, but he and Paul were an incredibly entertaining duo. And if he manages to return to the house for a second time in one season, he'll have secured himself a spot among some of the other competition beasts of Big Brother lore.

The buyback competition was combined with tonight's Head of Household, using the wall competition, much in the way they did in Season 15. The jurors are on one end of the wall and the un-evicted houseguests are on the other end. It's last juror standing for the buyback, and if that final juror manages to outlast the other houseguests, they come back into the house as Head of Household. Go Victor! I also wouldn't hate it if Bridgette came back. Or Da'Vonne really, though she's been out of the game so long that it's hard to imagine her able to adapt to the state of the house now. Then again, Victor proved it could be done with his return, so we'll see.

Speaking of Jurors, Big Brother delivered a pretty epic jury segment before the eviction, in which we got to see Paulie's arrival, and the three women's thorough tear-down of his ego. Bridgette made sure to tell he she has no respect for him. Da'Vonne took every shot she could at Paulie. And Zakiyah demonstrated that she's very not-over the way he treated her. Awkwardness and tension. The two main ingredients of any great Big Brother jury segment.

For those who want Head of Household spoilers, including who is officially returning to the game, click to the next page!

big brother 18 wall comeptition

Jury side:

Da'Vonne and Zakikah dropped. It looked like they held hands and jumped down together, Thelma & Louise-style. Not sure why though.

Bridgette dropped.


Victor is the returning houseguest... again!

Victor dropped, so while he returns to the game, he will not be Head of Household.

Houseguest side:

Corey dropped.

James, Nicole and Paul still standing.

Big Brother endurance competition

11:00 p.m. EST - James, Nicole and Paul are still up.

11:15 p.m. EST - no change. James, Nicole and Paul all look uncomfortable.

11:27 p.m. EST - Paul dropped.

It's down to Nicole and James. I would be surprised if this competition lasted much longer now that it's just the two of them.

Big Brother 18 endurance comp

11:56 p.m. EST - James dropped.

Nicole is Head of Household.

No idea if a deal was struck, but I don't imagine this bodes well for Paul, even if he wins the last care package.Would $5k really be enough to bribe anyone to do anything at this point? We'll have to wait and see who gets the last care package, and who Nicole nominates for eviction.

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