First Looks At Stargirl And More In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2

When Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow kicks off next month, it'll be a time for introductions, as the era-jumping adventure will give viewers a lot of new faces (and masks) to get used to, some on the short-term and some on the long-term. One of those will be Justice Society of America member Stargirl, as played by Sarah Grey, and a new peek at the upcoming season has given us our first look at not only the kickboxing heroine but also the genius Albert Einstein and the Legends debut of Reverse-Flash. But we start with the best of the bunch.

stargirl legends of tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow COULD have given us more than just a half-second blip-blop of Stargirl in the Season 2 trailer, but I suppose complaining about it won't get me anywhere either. The Justice Society of America is, for most comic fans, the major draw of returning to Legends for Season 2. (Not that having the team go back to WWII times is a detractor.) And I can't wait to see Grey's Stargirl (real name Courtney Whitmore) in action. She'll be joined by Matthew MacCaull's Commander Steel and Lance Henriksen's Obsidian, and possibly more.

And from the good guys to the bad we go, with our first look at Reverse-Flash within the world of Legends of Tomorrow. (You might not be able to tell, but that's a new suit on him, since the other one didn't really fit him.)

reverse flash legends of tomorrow

Actor Matt Letscher's return to DC TV won't only be happening on The Flash for the Flashpoint arc, but he'll also head to the rest as part of his inclusion in the new supervillain supersquad the Legion of Doom. He'll be joined by Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk and Captain Cold on a quest for destruction. So far that quest just seems to include "choking a dude against a wall."

Finally, we have the DC TV Universe's version of one of history's greatest thinkers: Albert Einstein. He'll be the rare real-life character that the Legends will meet, and it looks like they won't be treating him too kindly.

einstein legends of tomorrow

You just don't mess with Victor. I guess Einstein wasn't smart enough to know that one.

Legends of Tomorrow, which will also introduce a new live-action version of Vixen to audiences, will return to The CW for Season 2 on Thursday, October 13, at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when all your other favorite comic book shows and more are coming back, check out our fall TV schedule. You can check out the entire Legends of Tomorrow teaser on the next page.

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