Stargirl Has Been Cast For Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2

Legends of Tomorrow Stargirl

Slowly but surely, the Arrowverse continues to expand, and though we've seen new heroes and villains enter the fray before, the upcoming season of Legends of Tomorrow will arguably give us the biggest surge of new personalities to date. We've known for some time that Rip Hunter's team of Legends will make the acquaintance of the 1945-era Justice Society of America when the time travel series returns, and we've just learned up and coming actress Sarah Grey will be the one to take on the role of Stargirl when the season finally premieres.

We can get even more excited for the second season of Legends of Tomorrow now that the show has finally cast Stargirl. According to IGN, Sarah Grey is the latest to join the ranks of the Justice Society of America as Stargirl, while several of her teammates are still to be cast. We have yet to get a good look at the actress actually in character, but we have a feeling that a first glimpse won't take long now that the casting news has gone public.

Although the DC lore has some of the most instantly recognizable heroes in all of comics, plenty of you may have never even heard of Stargirl before Legends' plan to bring her in. Real name Courtney Whitmore, the hero typically wears a red, white, and blue outfit into the field, and wields a magical weapon known as the Cosmic Staff, which endows her with numerous offensive and defensive abilities -- particularly flight, enhances strength, and energy projection. While she's one of the more obscure superheroes in the DC lore to come to live-action, Stargirl has still managed to steal the spotlight on more than one occasion. Actress Britt Irvin portrayed the character on Smallville, and she featured prominently on quite a few episodes of the iconic cartoon Justice League Unlimited.

Sarah Grey Stargirl

Despite the fact that she hasn't had a very long career as an actress, Sarah Grey has already developed a fairly length resume. With credits in numerous other TV shows, including The CW's own iZombie, she will soon make her first major foray into the world of superhero blockbusters with her role as "Amanda" in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot. It's unclear whether or not she will be kicking any ass when the Mighty Morphin' heroes finally return to the silver screen, but with this Stargirl role, she's clearly settling into a nice niche of awesome action parts.

The casting of Sarah Grey as Stargirl comes on the heels of several other recent casting developments for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2. In addition to Grey's casting, we've also learned that actor Matthew MacCaull will take on the role of Commander Steel, and Maisie Richardson-Sellers has replaced Megalyn Echikunwoke as the Vixen of the Arrowverse -- although technically this new Vixen is the grandmother of the Mari McCabe incarnation that we've already seen. Time travel can get so confusing, can't it?

Cinema Blend will bring you more information related to the upcoming season of Legends of Tomorrow as new details become available to us. The DC time travel series will return to The CW on Thursday, October 13 at 8 p.m. EST. Make sure to check out our fall premiere guide for more information concerning any and all upcoming TV debuts.

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